Other Side Drive This Week

By Valerie Gomez
Social Media Contributor

Hey guys, this is going to be a crazy week in an awesome way here at Other Side Drive and I don’t want you missing a single part of it.  Here’s what we’ve got in store.

Tuesday is the big day—College Radio Day! Your hosts Anyssa and Harrison will be interviewing Rob Quicke, who is the founder of College Radio Day. What is College Radio Day, you ask? The basic answer would be that it’s a day intended to unite all supporters and listeners of college and high school radio stations. There are almost 30 countries that take part in this annual event. You can get a lot more information here that includes a list of stations that participate.

Other Side Drive will also be showcasing some great music representing the San Antonio scene during College Radio Day! Once 5:30 rolls around, you’ll be enjoying an interview and in-studio performance from Education. These guys are going to be performing at the Alt Universe Music Festival this Saturday so tune in for a preview of the greatness that will be Alt Universe! Plus, don’t forget to listen up for the password that will get you the missing puzzle piece for Fun Fun Fun Fest tickets.

Keep listening Wednesday and throughout the week for chances to win tickets to the Voodoo Festival, which takes place in New Orleans over the Halloween weekend! This year’s festival includes the likes of Jack White, Skrillex, Nas and more!

Thursday brings you more live music from the bands playing KTSW’s Lunchbox event. At 4:30, Garrett and Stephanie will be talking to Whitman—a band from Austin that released their album Weekends earlier this year. Make sure to stick around for an in-studio and interview with Those Nights! These guys each bring the talent of various instruments to bring something new to the indie/folk sound.

Rounding off the week will be another set of great live music as Jose and David interview Edison Chair. These guys are also a four-piece from Austin with a strong classic rock influence. Last but certainly not least, we’re ending the week with an interview and performance from Girl in A Coma! These ladies have been rocking out on a national level, even getting a review from NPR Music.

Like I said, it’s going to be a crazy week and the only way to revel in it with us is by tuning into KTSW’s Other Side Drive, Monday through Friday starting at 4 pm!


Valerie Gomez

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