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    Other Side Drive October 17, 2012

October 17, 2012

Weird News

Dude where’s my car? That’s what this man from southern Germany may have been thinking. He probably didn’t say “Dude” but you get my drift. After a night of drinking in December 2010, the man forgot where he parked his car. Unlike Ashton Kutcher and Sean Williams Scott who encountered exotic dancers, Chinese drive thru’s, tattoos and giant super-hot aliens on their journey to find their car. This German man found no car and most likely discovered early that he had a hangover. I can understand how you could lose something; forget about it for a while, then stumble upon it, but this man didn’t find his car until two years later! The funny thing is that the authorities found his car. Authorities discovered it by chance last month after a traffic warden noticed that its inspection stickers had expired. The car was found far away from the spot where the man thought he had parked. FYI, that’s why we should use taxi’s when going out to drink. The man is a craftsman and the car was very valuable to him. The vehicle is reported to have more than 50,000 dollars’ worth of tools in the trunk. It may have not had anniversary gifts for twin girlfriends in it, but the car sure did have a treasure.

The next story involves misogyny, urine, feminism, and good food! In response to the backlash and criticism of these women mouth shaped urinals at this Australian restaurant, the restaurant has removed the urinals. Ananas, a new French restaurant in the city’s upscale Rocks district, said the bright, kitschy urinals were “a commonly used European design piece,” according to the [What is the AFP?] AFP.’ Aussie feminist, Anne Summers said the urinals were pretty much asking for men to put their *clears throat SFX* in the red lipsticked mouth of the urinals. She accused the restaurant of being misogynist. The restaurant has since removed them and sent out an apology. According to TMZ the mouth urinals are popular around the world. Even reality star Khloe Kardashision has one in her house. Now Lamar can think of his wife at all times haha. With much love comes hate as well for the urinal. The Dutch artist of the urinal says the design is not meant to sexualized. The ironic thing is that the designer is a woman. She told the New York daily times in an email “[It’s] just a cartoonish looking mouth. There are worse things in the world to get all worked up about.” At least it’s not mouth shaped toilets haha.

This next story answers the question of when does freaky become creepy? A 49-year-old undertaker says a 35-year-old dominatrix and mother of four tried to rob him and allegedly put a kitchen knife to his throat. Hmm, that last time I paid for a whooping was… never. The man sued the dominatrix. The plaintiff said that she had detained him for more than four hours and threatened him for his debit card and pin number. She was a prostitute so she was probably playing her role well and was trying to ge paid. The dominatrix even added that the man wanted one of her transsexual colleagues to join their escapades. The German court decided that it was impossible to know for sure what really happened because both parties had consumed too much cocaine during their encounter. S&M, possible threesome and drugs, all that party is missing is Charlie Sheen. The charges were dropped but the prostitute has to pay 200 euros of penance money to a local charity that supports crime victims. I guess the undertaker has to find a new fetish. I hope he doesn’t pick up necrophilia.

Why get even, when you can get odd?

– Chocolate Charlie

Tech Talk

A new cyber club has started on campus…or off-campus depending on where you choose to log in. The Mass Media and Society cyber club launched last week and offers students a forum for discussion on topics ranging from mass media stereotyping, to messages in movies and advertising. The online club boosts their ability for open discussion of an array of topics pertaining to mass media and society. Among the founding members is Professor Susan Weill who is the club advisor and Professor of Mass Media and Society classes. Weill says, “The cyber club concept will address the problem of finding a time to meet that works for everyone.” If you’re not too keen on attending meetings you’re in luck, the cyber club allows you to post whenever day or night. More information on the cyberclub can be found by emailing
Dr.Susan Weill at weill@txstate.edu.

Has it become a requirement for technology companies to dive into the phone business? We’ve seen major companies like Apple, and Microsoft transition into the Business of building phones, we’ve even seen companies like Google creating mobile phone operating systems. Could we see a Facebook phone? Some rumors have spread claiming that Facebook is in the process of building their own mobile phone. I took a pause to think about how wrong that would be for Facebook and apparently so did Facebook CEO and Founder Mark Zuckerberg. At a conference in California Zuckerberg Dispelled rumors that facebook was in the process of creating a phone. “It’s always been the wrong strategy for us.” Says Zuckerberg. Apparently the general public agrees with Zuckerberg, CNN cited an informal poll in which 80% of interviewees responded negatively to a Facebook phone. In his interview Zuckerberg is clear that no phone is in the works, yet despite this, rumors have continued to spread. It’s worth mentioning that Zuckerberg has often made decisions without consulting anyone else at Facebook, for example the purchase of instagram that was made over the course of a weekend with hardly any notice to the board of directors. If you’ve seen the portrayal of Zuckerberg in the movie “the Social Network” you’ll get a good picture of what I mean. Perhaps a Facebook phone really is in the future, but lets hope not.

Have you had enough with tablets? Probably not, and I hope not either because there are more to come. Windows has recently announced its new tablet simply called “the Surface” which will release Oct. 25th alongside the new Windows 8 Operating System and the Windows Phone 8. Surprisingly the Surface will be the first personal computer Microsoft has ever built, aside from the xbox. Microsoft started as a software company in the 1980’s and for the most part has always stayed that way. Sure Microsoft built the Zune, and the Xbox, but why hasn’t a fortune 500 technology company taken interests in devices until now? Were they too busy working that they never stopped to see a growing trend? Perhaps it’s a case of better late than never. Seriously though Google and Amazon started as websites and they do crazy amounts of stuff now, including devices!!! Whatever the reason I am glad they have joined us now in the present, here’s why. Windows has always been a very popular system, aside from the Vista tragedy consumers always been able to count on it working, and working well. When It comes to devices the Xbox has proven to be a lasting game console, and the Zune…We’ll it plays music. What’s exciting is that most of us know Microsoft, grew up with Microsoft, and now can see Microsoft grow up too. I for one will be excited to see the competition grow, and what Microsoft will bring to the table, or rather the tablet.


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