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    other Side Drive November 7, 2012

November 7, 2012

Tech Talk

Nearly 25% of computers sold last year were tablets. The amount of tablet sales have rose nearly 50% last year. That’s more bad news for traditional computer makers. Desktops and Laptop sales have declined over the past several years. The tablet market we know began in 2010 and started with the original iPad. Only three years later that same market has taken 25% of the total computer market. Another factor which has caused the decline of the PC is the smartphone which has already surpassed PC sales. It seems that many people are finding that they need a PC less and less because their phone can do more and more.. For most people that’s a fair assumption because they use PC’s for checking email, and surfing the web. All of which can be done easily on a tablet or smartphone. The tablet and smartphone are also highly portable. Much more so than a laptop and certainly more than a desktop. Most of us are well aware of this fact. When you go to the store the computer section doesn’t have desktops any more. In fact the laptop quantity has dropped as well. People want tablets, slates, smartphones, and maybe even a few of us want laptop hybrids. What does all this mean? It means the world of technology is going mobile. It’s easy to see, in previous Tech Talk reports we talked about Facebook, and Mark Zuckerberg stated that Facebook was going mobile. Take a look at Windows 8! Microsoft has acknowledged the changing times by creating an OS that is meant for mobile devices. In this world traditional computer makers must adapt or they will be phased out. Its nothing personal…just business.

The computer maker Acer is mad at Microsoft over the creation of the Surface tablet, Wouldn’t you be? Recently Microsoft created its first tablet which has caused an outcry from some computer manufacturers. In the past Microsoft has always made software and then sold said software to Original Equipment Manufacturers like Dell, HP, and Acer to name a few. Now with the creation of the Surface tablet, these companies are going to have to compete against Microsoft where they didn’t before. This has caused outrage from the CEO of Acer computers who insulted and in a way threatened Microsoft saying in regards to the Surface tablet quote “…think it over. Think twice. It will create a huge negative impact for the ecosystem and other brands may take a negative reaction. It is not something you are good at so please think twice.”

CEO J.T. Wong went on to say “If Microsoft is going to do hardware business, what should we do? Should we still rely on Microsoft, or should we find other alternatives?”
It’s not clear what alternatives he means or really if there even are any, but his words are undoubtedly the feelings of many other PC manufacturers. Clearly the Surface tablet was not stopped by these feelings, but what exactly does this mean for traditional computer

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