Other Side Drive Catch-Up

Other Side Drive

Anyssa and Harrison spoke to and jammed out with Those Nights and Whitman, a few bands who played KTSW’s lunchbox event this past October.

“That’s definitely going to be a big part of the writing process, just being under the same roof”

Those Nights

Members of the band Those Nights
Members of the band Those Nights. Photo by KTSW.

“We did a 7’’ in 2011 that was completely recorded live.”


David and Jose geeked out with Austin’s Edison Chair and disproved the orange corvette myth in San Marcos.

“We want to make pop rock, but we don’t want it to be bubblegum”

Edison Chair

Chocolate Charlie and DJ Hales spoke with the folk, Austin band The Blackwells about stickers, hip hop, and much more.

The Blackwells
The Blackwells. Photo by KTSW.

“So if you read the picture it sounds out Appalachian mountain.”

The Blackwells

Melissa and Michelle got the chance to slow down and talk in-depth with two currently touring bands, Los Angeles’ Eyes Lips Eyes.

Eyes Lips Eyes
Eyes Lips Eyes. Photo by KTSW.

“It’s about kissing”

Eyes Lips Eyes
Later on in the show, the girls got the chance to girl it up with San Antonio’s all-girl indie rock group Girl In A Coma and listen a special performance of “Smart” in spanish.

“We have some fans who’ve turned into friends”

Girl In A Coma

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