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Pop Rocks

-Kelsey Nichols 

Last week on Pop Rocks you heard about something Lupe Fiasco did at an inaugural party. Also, Ed Sheeran guesses when his next album will be out.

EP1 Pop Rocks

“The A Team” singer Ed Sheeran will be opening for Taylor Swift during her spring tour. In an interview with Billboard, Sheeran said that his next album will come out around February 2014. Sheeran said that he will be recording and writing his upcoming album while he is touring with Swift.

Death Cab for Cutie singer Ben Gibbard’s band the Postal Service will reunite for Coachella music and art festival. The band is booked to play at the April 2013 festival. Rumors of the Rolling Stones headlining at the festival have been put to rest. The band has confirmed that they will not be at the festival.

More in music news, Lupe Fiasco was removed from the stage while performing at an inaugural party in Washington January 20th. The rapper spent 30 minutes singing an anti-Obama song. Fiasco was told to move to the next song and refused. The party was hosted by StartUp RockOn.

Moving to music documentary news, HBO Documentary Films bought the United States TV rights to  a punk band’s documentary titled A Punk Prayer at the Sundance film festival. The documentary’s world premiere aired January 18th. It follows the feminist punk group who were arrested and prosecuted after their staged prayer demonstration at a Russian cathedral.



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