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osd_tuesdayFilm Crunch

By: Andrea Rodriguez

Episode 9

Step aside Flintstones because Andrea Rodriguez has a film of a new prehistoric family that will take you on a journey to the end of the world for you to check out!

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    Other Side Drive: Tuesday

Relax animated adventurist fans. DreamWorks has lived up to its expectations in delivering exceptionally amazing animated movies introducing us to its most recent production The Croods.  It is a slapstick-heavy family movie that should delight young children and keep parents entertained.

The Croods is about a prehistoric family whose routine is to stay in a cave, not be killed by predators and occasionally going outside in search for food. They are fairly afraid of the world around them mostly because the entire landscape seems ready to swallow them up. For this reason, Grug, the father (Nicholas Cage) has instituted the family motto: “Everything new is bad!” The family’s daughter, Eeps (Emma Stone) yearns to break out of Dad’s cautionary measures and explore the world.

“My family has always survived by living by my dad’s one rule, never leave the cave. We never had the chance to explore the outside world, but what we didn’t know was that our world was about to come to an end.”

One night she does, and comes across a handsome young wanderer named Guy (Ryan Reynolds) who has information that the world is about to come apart. That sets off an uneasy journey as the family heads . . . someplace safe.

Grandma-“Where do you get these ideas?”

Guy- “I’m calling it a brain. I’m pretty sure it’s where ideas come from.”

Thunk-“Dad, I don’t have a brain.”

Grug- “Cavemen don’t need brains we have these. Ideas are for weaklings. Now let’s get to that mountain.”

The family’s story involves Dad’s attempt to lead his family despite the fact that young Guy has much better survival instincts. Not to mention his rebellious teenage daughter,  who is growing up too fast has taken a liking to Guy.

Grug- “It’s my job to safe. Wait it looks dangerous.”

Eeps- “Dad you say that about everything.”

Guy- “Careful.”

Eeps- “O, really? Okay.”

I believe that everyone will enjoy The Croods, no matter what age you are, its fun, heartwarming and a great experience, an overall amazing movie and one that is fun to watch with family or even girlfriends. I highly recommend this film.

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