Parking Day

Parking Day in San Marcos

Parking Day
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Parking Day is a worldwide annual event where people turn parking spaces into a park for a day. The event was held this past Friday on South LBJ in a mostly concreted area. The park created a temporary, usable green space to demonstrate the possibilities that can be imaged in a small area downtown.

Art installments from local artists were featured along with a WiFi lounge, café seating, bicycle tune-ups and games. Samantha Armbruster, the Main Street program manager for the city of San Marcos, spoke about the impact that this event had the people that attended.

“Well I think more than anything it was a conversation starter,” said Armbruster.

“I think whenever, day to day, you are driving around you think of a parking spot as a very small piece of land. But what I think this showed the people that participated is that really isn’t that small of a space, and while that spot is used for one car during the day, it very comfortably housed ten people sitting around and enjoying themselves.”
– Samantha Armbruster

This event is hosted around the world to promote social interaction, civil engagement, critical thinking, and creativity. It is held at least once a year but are trying to do it at least more than twice.

Isamar Terrazas, KTSW News.

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