Ringo Deathstarr in “God’s Dream”

God's Dream

Complete interview with Ringo Deathstarr

Written by Shannon Williams
On-Air Talent: Shannon Williams and Ben Godson
Edited by: Shannon Williams
Other Side Drive Executive Producer: Shannon Williams

Ringo Deathstarr joined Other Side Drive in February to kick off the start of their tour with the latest EP, “God’s Dream.” The trio will stop back down in their hometown of Austin, Texas following their tour with “God’s Dream.”

The latest album from the band includes several important collaborations. On “Chainsaw Mornings” the band is joined by Jeff Schroeder of the Smashing Pumpkins. Ringo Deathstarr joined the noise rock group on a European tour and reflected on the challenges of performing to an audience -not there to see you-. The group has plenty of their own following, and shared with us the seemingly bizarre but still enthusiastic antics of their Japanese fans.

“God’s Dream” can be purchased on vinyl via Noyes records. Following their tour across the United States with God’s Dream, the group will be returning to central Texas for Southby. To catch their official SXSW showcase, visit Swan Dive Patio, Friday March 14th from 10:15-10:50pm.

Listen to the full interview to hear complete information about their tour shenanigans, their collaborations, and characteristics of their Japanese following.

Ringo Deathstarr Website

Alex Gehrig, Elliott Frazier, Daniel Coborn
Alex Gehrig, Elliott Frazier, Daniel Coborn. Photo by Shannon Williams.

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