Donna Campbell

Donna Campbell Wins TX Senate Nomination

Senator Donna Campbell won the GOP nominations for the Texas Senate.

Donna Campbell
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I was able to attend Senator Donna Campbell’s watch party in New Braunfels on election night. She, along with her family, spoke to each and every one of her supporters as she went around the tables. Campbell is the incumbent running for Texas State senate district 25. She ran for the GOP nomination against Elisa Chan and Mike Novak. She says that even though there have been some negative remarks on behalf of her opponents, she has ran a clean race.

“My record spoke for itself we have many conservative endorsements from conservative groups. I’ve got one of the top five conservatives in the Texas Senate and I was proud of that. So they didn’t come at me with issues that they could defend to attack my record.”
– Donna Campbell

Dr. Donna Campbell says she is more aware of what he constituents need and is proud that her support keeps growing within the years.

“I’m more focused on thanking the people for standing with me. They were with me two years ago and them standing with me means a lot to me.”
– Donna Campbell

Campbell is a certified physician and mother of two. She has been recognized as one of the top conservatives in the state senate. She has worked towards protecting taxpayers, curbing the growth of the government, assisting veterans, and protecting life.  Senator Campbell says these issues is what drives the public to vote for her.

“It tells me that you can focus on the issues, run with integrity speak the truth and prevail.”
– Donna Campbell

She won the GOP primary for district 25 senate seat with the majority votes required. Campbell will now face democratic nominee Daniel Boone in November.

Isamar Terrazas, KTSW News

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