Bobcat Radio – Win Or Go Home

Bobcat RadioApril 18th, 2014
Hosts – Evan Spielvogel, Landon Kulhmann & Jason Harris
Producer – Skye Wallace
Editor – Kiersten Ehr

Segment 1: Name Drop

Evan –  Minnesota State, Mankato Football Team
Landan – Chad Johnson two- year deal with the Canadian Football League Montreal Alouettes
Jason – Tracy McGrady- Sugar Land Skeeters baseball team

Segment 2: Texas State
– Women’s basketball signs McDonald All-American nominee Ti’aira Pitts
 Men’s basketball signs four players:
–  Ethan Montaliro
–  Cameron Naylor
–  Jamarcus Weatherspoon
–  D.J. Drown
– Women’s golf team finishes second in the Sun Belt Conference
– Texas State Tennis team, led by Bernice Van Den Bergh, will head to the Sun Belt Conference Tournament
Softball is below five hundred and has lost four games in a row,
– Upcoming three game series this weekend with Western Kentucky
– Baseball has a three game series this weekend with Georgia State
– First home game in a few weeks

Segment 3: National Sports

San Francsco 49ers have some big trouble with Colin Kaeperncik and Aldon Smith
– Contract talks with Kaepernick have been halted
– Both players being investigated

Jabari Parker leaves Duke and head to NBA with many other college freshman
Carmelo Anthony is thinking about opting out of his contract with the Knicks
–  Where would he go?
NBA playoffs: Who do you like?
– Breakdown of each matchup, and pick possible winners


Segment 4: NHL playoffs

NHL playoffs are in full swing!
Who is going to take home the cup?
Breakdown each matchup



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