Inside: The Waiting Room

The author of a new romance novel about reincarnation doesn’t seem like someone who would have a good sense of humor especially about their own book. That is why this interview with Alysha Kaye is surprisingly funny.

Alysha Kaye is a Texas State alumna whose new book The Waiting Room will be out on July 1st only on Amazon. In the interview we talk about how she came about writing the book. We also talk about the dream and the super cheesy poem that became the foundations of this book.

Click here to download the complete interview with Alysha Kaye

The Waiting Room is a story about two lovers who go through a series of lives with each other via reincarnation. While this is a romance novel it does ask the questions that keep us up at night. Questions like, “What happens to me when I die? Will I ever see my loved ones again when that happens?”

You can find more about Alysha Kaye at her website. And The Waiting Room will be available on July 1st at Amazon in both digital and print format. We here at KTSW wish her the best of luck.

Writer and Producer – Brandon Henderson
On Air Talents – Brandon Henderson, Jason McCall
Other Side Drive Producer – Shannon Williams
Editor – Brittany Hansen

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