Texas State's Mass Comm Week Banner

Recap: Texas State Mass Comm Week

By Holly Henrichsen
Web Editor

Texas State's Mass Comm Week Banner.
Texas State’s Mass Comm Week Banner. Photo by Holly Henrichsen.

Texas State hosted its annual Mass Comm Week last week.

Panels included representatives from Vox, the San Antonio Express-News, Tumblr and many more.

Throughout the week there were panels that discussed journalism, advertising, bias in the media and how to transition from a student to a professional.

Associate Journalism Professor Cindy Royal’s Web design and coding classes were assigned to cover Mass Comm Week. Students wrote blog posts about the specific panels they attended and what they learned.

Casandra Medina, a student in Royal’s Web design class, wrote a great post about the panel “Getting Creative With Your Digital Career.” In this post, Medina chose a quote from each panelist that she thought was most important then explained why it relates to not only her future career but the futures of other mass comm students.

Jesse Witt, a student in Royal’s coding class, wrote a post on Trei Brundrett’s panel. In Witt’s post, “On ‘New Engagement'”, Brundrett’s discussion is summed up and focuses on keeping the users in mind: “journalism is about starting conversations.”

These posts recap just a few of the incredible panels that were hosted at Texas State for Mass Comm Week.

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