Allie Petrequin

Champion of the Month: Allie Petrequin

By Holly Henrichsen
Web Editor

Allie Petrequin
Allie Petrequin – “Champion of the Month”

There are KTSW employees that push it to the limit and further. Every month each of the station’s directors choose one or two people within their department that have stood out from their fellow employees.

These go-getters are recognized for their work and dedication with the honorary title of “Champion of the Month.”

I asked Allie Petrequin a few questions about winning last month’s award for her work in the program department.

Holly Henrichsen: What is your major, position at KTSW and hobbies?

Allie Petrequin: My major is Broadcasting (for radio) with a double minor in music and pop culture … My position at KTSW is program producer; I host the show Geek Culture (a video game/nerdy music-themed show) [at 10 p.m.] on Wednesday. My hobbies are really all over the place, but obviously I’m really into video games and all art in general. I love music: listening, composing, performing; traveling, culture, reading [and] working out.

HH: How do you feel about earning the “Champion of the Month” title?

AP: I feel so amazing about earning champion of the month. I feel great because I work very hard, up to 10 hours a week specifically for my show, and I feel like I’m getting some recognition and thanks for all the hard work. I feel kind of the underdog having a show that’s for a very niche group of people and earning “Champion of the Month” makes me feel not so dorky

HH: Why did you join KTSW?

AP: I joined KTSW in spring of 2014 because I wanted a work study job and also because it seemed like a really good fit for me. I’m not into most on-campus clubs or organizations, but KTSW was something that caught my eye.

HH: What have you gained/learned while working at KTSW?

AP: I cannot tell you how much I’ve gained from working here. I didn’t know my time here would evolve into what it is now. After DJing over the summer and doing my show now, and being around KTSW and all that we do here, I changed my major from music to broadcasting. I never imagined myself in radio until I worked here, but I am almost 100% certain that it is what I want to do with my life now. It feels right, and KTSW was the place that show[ed] me that. I cannot be more grateful. I know I have set myself up for an exciting future because of my work here and for once I’m optimistic about my future.

HH: What would you tell others about KTSW to motivate others to apply?

AP: [I would] tell others that KTSW is an experience that will only help you grow as a student, as a person [and] as a team member. You’ll make friends, lots of connections and have a lot of cool opportunities and stuff to do with KTSW around the city. It’s definitely a very fun program that also challenges you in some really cool ways. I’ve gained many skills from working here. And, if you’re like me, you’ll have an epiphany and switch majors to broadcasting.

HH: Anything you would like to say to/about the person who gave you the award?

AP: To the person who gave me the award [KTSW Program Director Conor Yarbrough], I want to say thank you so much, and I want them to know how much more this motivates me to work even harder on my show and future shows. I am so deeply dedicated to this station and it feels like nothing else getting some of that love back.

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