2015 Inauguration Ceremony

A New Day in Texas (1-21-15)

Sarah Duran
News Reporter

2015 Inauguration Ceremony
Photo By Sarah Duran

It’s a new day in Texas as a new beginning marks an era of change in the state of Texas.

In the Texas-sized inaugural ceremony held on Tuesday, Governor Greg Abbott and Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick declared their oath of office in front of the Texas State Capitol, legislature, and a crowd of hundreds.

As part of his first speech as lieutenant governor, Patrick announced his agenda immediately pledging to secure the border in this legislative session. Other priorities consisted of lowering property and business tax, improving public education and protecting the second amendment. Patrick labeled himself as a public servant saying the people’s voice is one of his top priorities.

“As conservatives we have done many great things over 12 years since we have been in the majority and now it’s time to take it to the next level,” said Patrick. “The people of Texas have given us a mandate of what you want us to do here at the Capitol.”

Like Patrick, Abbott announced his agenda based on the notion that Texas is the land of opportunity.

“As great as Texas is there is more we must do,” said Abbott. “More for the families who are stuck in traffic, more for our parched towns thirsty for water, more for parents who fear their children are falling behind in school, more for our veterans who return broken from battle.”

A future goal of the new Texas governor is for Texas to be a model for other states as it should serve its people. Abbott declared to ceremony attendees that Washington has tried endlessly in its efforts to remake America, however Texas will offer a different approach.

“Any government that uses the guys of fairness to rob us of our freedom will get a uniquely Texan response,” said Abbott. “Come and take it.”

A leadership of four years will measure the success of Abbott and Patrick. For now, a new day in Texas is at our door. Many attendees felt positive about the new leader in Texas.

“I’m excited for change and anytime there is a change that’s a good thing and I think we’ve had a governor in place for far too long and so I’m excited to see what the new governor is going to bring about as far as change,” said Michael Jimenez of Victoria, Texas.

The new governor and lieutenant governor enter their official third day of leadership today.

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