Exxon Bacon and Egg Taco

Top 5 Local Breakfast Tacos in SM

By Gabriela Moore
Web Content Contributor

Breakfast. If you go anywhere outside of south Texas they may give you a plate full of eggs, a couple strips of bacon, and toast. What do you do with that? Wrap it in a homemade tortilla, throw in some salsa and now we’re really talking. Heck, I’ll take a store bought tortilla over a dry piece of toast with my eggs.

Down here we eat breakfast tacos or nothing at all, and it’s serious business. So we set out to meet the best breakfast taco in town. With so many options around, we tested taco joints’ take on bacon and egg and came up with the Top 5 Local Breakfast Tacos in San Marcos. Literally, the best.

5. Bobcat Quickie

Exxon Bacon and Egg Taco

It may be a gas station but hidden in the back is this beauty. Located on the corner of N Guadalupe St and Pat Garrison St, after a rough night on the square this is the spot to go! They serve up a big taco stuffed with your choice of almost anything, and it’s tasty too! Just be ready, this sucker cost us $2.05, which on a college budget is basically asking for a kidney…

 4. Los VegaLos Vega Bacon and Egg taco

Just a couple blocks from the square on W San Antonio St, Los Vega is a hotspot for locals and college students alike. Thick and fluffy homemade tortillas make this taco a hit, it’s no wonder we can’t keep our hands of ’em. Get there before they close at 4 pm, and don’t forget their delicious spicy green salsa…I’d put that stuff on everything.

3. Chepo’sIMAG4304

On the corner of Old Ranch Rd 12 and W Holland St, this place serves a mean b and e. Though it may seem on the thin side, it’s packed with loads of flavor. With two slices of bacon, fluffy eggs, loaded up with salsa all for only $1.61 (including tax), I’d say Chepo’s is safe in the top 5.

2. Taqueria El Charro TapatioIMAG4300

Just outside of the square off Hopkins Street, El Charro cooks up a great breakfast taco. Incredibly fluffy homemade tortillas surround gold! We can’t quite pinpoint what makes this taco so good but just take our word for it, it’s delicious. Get there before 2 pm to enjoy this darn good breakfast taco, or try their other dishes. We promise it will be just as good. We warn you though, their dark red salsa is not for the weak hearted.

1. Taqueria La FondaIMAG4302

Located off 35 and Guadalupe St, this gem came down as the best in our book. If you want to enjoy this foil-wrapped piece of heaven, keep in mind they close at 2 pm. But it’s worth the planning, our mouths practically melted on the first bite. Their red salsa was to die for having so much flavor and just the right amount of kick. There is nothing quite like the moment when you find a taste that reminds you of home.  La Fonda served up a delicious breakfast taco with the perfect amount of egg to bacon ratio, and it was exactly what we were looking for. With a convenient drive-thru, we may be going there more than we should…

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