SXSW 2015: Interview with Chris Simpson of Zookeeper

Interviewer: Brittany Robinson

Interviewee: Chris Simpson

Chris Simpson of Zookeeper. Photo by Brittany Robinson


Austin local, Chris Simpson is best known for his past projects with influential emo-band Mineral and more indie rock inspired band, The Gloria Record. His solo project, Zookeeper, is a 180 turn to his previous music. The songs are shorter, lighter, and tell fresh stories. Zookeeper experiments with new sounds, and is ever changing. Simpson isn’t restricted by a certain genre, because it can change depending on how he changes and grows. Simpson will always be the center, but is orbited by a group of talented musicians that help him achieve his goal. Pink Chalk, his latest album, is beautiful and makes you question, “What inspired this song?” because it’s unique perspective. I had the opportunity to talk to the man who has been a vital part in the making of such amazing music. Listen to him discuss his past with SXSW, what inspired the name of his album, and more!




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