Texas State Hosts Relay For Life

Relay For Life at Texas State

By: Marques Mingo

Texas State Hosts Relay For Life
Texas State hosts Relay For Life Last Friday
Photo Courtesy: Relay For Life of Texas State University Facebook Page

On Friday, Texas State University hosted Relay for Life at the student recreation center. Relay for Life is a life-changing fundraising event by the American Cancer Society that brings awareness to all types of cancer. 46 teams participated in this years Relay for Life and each team rotated their walking members from 7pm to 3am. Texas State Student and Resident Assistant Bryanduh Amilliano was a part of the Residential College team and she says she is not only here for her friend and mother, but for herself also.

“One of my friends mom died from stomach and intestinal cancer five years ago, so I’m doing it for her. And I’m also doing it for my mom who recently just got an early detection of cervical cancer, so that is why I am here. It has definitely the way I view life, itself if I’m being honest. Just because one day you could be fine and the next you could be dying,” Amilliano said.

Decades was this year’s theme and games and prizes were played and given throughout the night to keep participants awake. Executive Director of Texas State Relay for Life, Anissa Ali, says the board and herself always try to make a theme that everyone can participate in. This is her third year participating in Relay for Life and she says its good to see people help raise awareness because cancer is not an easy thing to deal with on both sides.

“My grandma was diagnosed with Stage 4 breast cancer and that is why I got involved with Relay for Life because I feel like every time that I participate that she is with me, you know, and it is important to honor those who lost their fight because its not an easy task to defeat,” Ali said.

There were 556 participants in this year’s Relay for Life and they raised over 22 thousand dollars collectively. Donations are still being accepted until August and for more information, visit the Texas State Relay for Life website.

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