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Written and Interviewed by Brittany Godwin
KTSW Music

Geographer album
Geographer album
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    Geographer Tours Mohawk

Geographer is a California based artist who traveled a across the country to find success.  Lead by Michael Deni—who I had the chance to sit down with—the band has a unique and upbeat sound.  This past Saturday, Geographer was finishing up their countrywide tour at the Mohawk and played an unforgettable show.

Brittany: How has your tour been so far?

Michael: Tour has been really exciting. There have been some really great shows; like selling out Brooklyn, that was awesome; D.C. was so fun; then that awesome show that we just played – Houston!

B: Oh yeah! Houston is great, not too far from us!

M: It was crazy I felt like a member of the Beatles

B: That’s awesome. I am sure that is a great feeling.

M: It is a good feeling yeah

B: What is some of the current music you are listening to now?

M: The new Tame Impala and I mean I listen to a lot of old music; it’s always the same.  So like Paul Simon, Bruce Springsteen, and just great songwriters. That is what I love.  Yeah.  But as far as new music, I was very captivated by the new Father John Misty album.

B: Yeah me too it is one of my favorite albums right now

M: Hilarious and poignant.

B: How do you think your music affects you and the world around you?

M: How the music affects me? It’s hard to say how it affects me, but I definitely live inside of it. So, whatever mood of the song that there is, that definitely becomes my mood. If there is a really dark song, I have to kind of step into that and look around that room and finish painting that, basically.  So, like, sometimes you surface from like a six hour writing session, or something, and you’re just kind of a little bummed. But, also, conversely if it’s a happy song I’ll just get up and start dancing around my room.

B: That’s awesome. How has your music evolved since you and your band members have started playing together?

M: Well, this band, we’ve been together for like four months.

B: Oh wow!

M: Yeah, um but even already with a new backing band you see what people are good at and where they can take my music, and I’m already seeing that because I’m writing a lot of new songs, and I’m going to take them into the studio, and I can already see, “Well I can do this now and I can do that where I couldn’t do that before.” you know? But as far as my music changing, I mean I think, before I just wanted to get on a stage. I just wanted people to let my play my music, in their clubs. Then once I, — and that’s like my first record— and once that happened I got a taste for the stage and I got hungry for that experience of the crowd energy. So Animal Shapes is I really wanting to foster a really energetic ive experience. Myth is me wanting to prove that I can be a little avant-garde, and still powerful but also, make more of the music I was listening to. I feel like there’s a lot of Radiohead in “Myth”— there are a lot of weird sounds and it’s not as poppy as Animal Shapes. With Ghost Modern, I feel like I had nothing to prove to anyone but myself just that I just wanted to write the best songs that I possibly could because I really want to start taking music itself back to songs. It was really simple; I didn’t have any agenda I just wanted to make good songs and good music. So I just keep it really minimal until that last minute just acoustic guitar, just piano. Until the song was 100 percent done and then I would put stuff on it. Then I can get really excited about like “I just made cool beat”, “oh I just

made a cool verse”, and the songs sort of build piecemeal, rather than having a really strong foundation and then building it properly.

B: Wow, okay now if you had to describe your sound in a sandwich what kind of sandwich would it be?

M: it would be… maybe a Ruben

B: A Ruben?

M: Yeah.

B: That’s a good sandwich.

M: it s classic.  It issues modernity, but it still has a lot of zing!

B: Yeah a lot of zing!

B: Okay one more: if someone told you that you were only allowed to perform one more song for the rest of your life what song would that be?

M: Would it have to be one of mine?

B: Yes — or actually both — one of your songs and any song.

M: One more song for the rest of my life? I would probably perform kites just because everybody loves that song so much. I think that people assume your

most popular song is the song you hate the most but I just love that song. Every time that we play it, it’s my favorite part of the set. A lot of the times, I mean, the new songs are really exciting for me but then when you hit kites I’m just, I’m right back into my bedroom where I wrote it and when I first did that base line, I was just like, “People are going to love this song.”

B: Yeah that’s my favorite!

M: And then one song to perform for the rest of my life that’s not mine? I don’t know, maybe “Dancing in the Dark” by Bruce Springsteen

B: That’s a good one.

B: Okay, well, I am Brittany with KTSW and that was Geographer. Thank you so much for meeting with me!

M: My pleasure. Thanks a lot.

B: And congratulations on ending your tour!

M: Yeah, thank you, I’m ready to party!

Check out more about Geographer at geographermusic.com. To keep up with the band on and off tour follow them via the social networks listed below.

Twitter (@geographermusic)

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