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Jay High School Football Official Blind Sided by Players

by: Kiersten Ehr
Sports Reporter

football field
Photo by: Kiersten Ehr

A Texas high school football official, who was blind sided by two players during a game earlier this month, is being accused of using a racial slur towards the players. Officials with the Northside Independent School District said in a news conference they are looking into alleged racist remarks made by the official, Robert Watts.

San Antonio Express News Sports Writer David Hinojosa has been a sports writer since 1992 and says that the saddest part of this whole saga is that is has unfairly cast a black eye on Jay High School, San Antonio and Texas high school football.

Like many others Hinojosa was stunned and in disbelief after watching the video at first glance.

“My first thought was, what possessed two football players to intentionally hurt a referee? To me, that’s the big question that needs to be answered,” said Hinojosa.

While interviewing Hinojosa, he mentioned this issue is very complicated when considering there is a possibility that an official used racial slurs and that a coach may have encouraged his players to plow into an official.

“The way this story has exploded nationally should serve as a teaching moment for all coaches and players, said Hinojosa. One unfortunate slip in judgment could turn into a scar that can last a lifetime.

“Fifty years from now people will be talking about that night in Marble Falls, and that’s sad,” said Hinojosa.

The video of John Jay safety players blindsiding an official on September fourth has gone viral bringing national attention to the San Antonio public schools.

Both players have since been suspended from the football team.

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