flu shot at the student health center

Student Health Center Begins Flu Shot Friday

Jacquelyn Carter
News Reporter

flu shot at the student health centerAlthough peak Flu Season is in January, positive flu tests can begin as early as October. Starting October 9th, the Student Health Center will host Flu Shot Fridays every Friday in the month of October.

Many students are hesitant to get vaccinated because they believe they will get the flu from the flu shot. Other students believe they are not risk for the flu and do not need the flu shot.

Student Health Center Doctor Emilio Carranco talks further about how these things are not true, saying “College students in general are in that age range where if they get the flu, they are likely to get through that illness without any serious complications. The bad news is that you are surrounded by 38,000 students and there are 38,000 opportunities to be exposed to the flu. So the fact that you have been lucky in the past means nothing for the future. We all have a responsibility to take care of ourselves, but also to take care of those around us.”

According to Dr. Carranco, typically only about fifteen hundred students receive their flu shot on campus each year. Texas State University’s Health Promotions has launched a flu shot campaign called ‘It’s your best shot” to encourage students to get their flu shot on and off campus.

Dr. Carranco talks further about what that campaign is saying, “We think one of the best ways to prevent a lot of illness on our campus this fall is to encourage our students to get vaccinated against the flu,” Carranco said. “This year we are working trying to educate the campus community about the benefits of flu vaccinations. We’ve developed an educational campaign centered around the theme of “It’s your best shot”.

Flu Shots are available on campus by appointment at the student health center or during their Flu shot friday outreaches. You can also receive your flu shot at local pharmacies and most health care providers.

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