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The Reasons Behind Cuffing Season

todayNovember 4, 2015 1

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by Kalie Souknary
Blog Content Contributor

fall painting
Painting by Jasmyne Flores

If you are not already aware, the holidays tend to be referred to as “Cuffing Season.” You know, when all of a sudden ALL of your friends are getting into relationships, people are happily cuddling, and the air is filled with lust. This is the season where all your lazy guy friends and trashy girls that you knew in high school all of a sudden become “super sweet.” I don’t mean to call myself an expert, (because I most definitely am not) but I do have some theories as to why this is. As the holidays are right around the corner, this is the perfect time to discuss it.

It’s easy for guys to come up with date ideas.

With mistletoe, ugly Christmas sweater parties, and trails of lights everywhere, guys don’t have to work so hard to come up with date ideas. They can either look on their phone, or they can literally just drive around the city and see exactly where they want to take us girls; Ice skating, building snowmen, looking at other houses’ decorations, etc. The list goes on and on. It’s fool’s play to get a girl to fall for you if you do any of those things with her.

Girls are so easy to please during the winter.

We’ll be happy with just sitting around at the house, drinking hot chocolate, and watching Netflix. But suggest this in March and we would probably send a screenshot of your suggestion to our friends and say, “He wanted to be cheap and stay home! Is he embarrassed to be seen with me in public?!”

People are happier during the holidays.

Matt Killingsworth, a contributor to the New York Times, a Robert Wood Johnson Health and Society Scholar, and the creator of Track Your Happiness.org surveyed 20,000 people who reported how happy they felt at randomly selected moments during their everyday life. This data revealed that we actually are happier than usual during the holidays. What does this mean? We’re loose. We’re happy. We don’t care what happens– at least not in the short term. So we go out, we flirt, and we jump into relationships. At this point, we’re so blinded by lust and the magic of the season, we just want to keep feeling the endorphins that are constantly being released.


Speaking of endorphins, they are very addictive. You’ve heard of runners’ high and you’ve heard of chocolate releasing the same endorphins that love does. So if you see your friends, family, or even strangers happy in relationships, you want to feel that, too. It hurts you to see everyone else happy, and the only connection you can make of it is that you don’t have anyone to share all this magic with. This can be especially true if you’re not used to being alone for the holidays.


Are you at that age where the family is dying to know why you’re not bringing a girl/guy home, why you’re not engaged yet, or why your mom doesn’t have grandkids yet, and all you want to do is shut them up? This is a shallow, selfish reason people get “cuffed” during the holiday season. It can also be known as a “Holiday Boyfriend/Girlfriend,” and is highly frowned upon. But in a way, you have to feel bad for those people. They’re being pressured by family and all they want is a little relief.


Speaking of being selfish, some people like to get holiday significant others just to get gifts, then as soon as the new year rolls around, dump them. Or maybe you genuinely care about your significant other, and you spoil them with gifts. One thing you can do with your S.O. is a holiday gift exchange, or a ‘dirty santa.’

New Year’s Eve

Last but not least, the eve of New Year. Who will you be kissing? You don’t want to be alone at home with your bottle of cheap Vodka, do you? No, you want to be out partying, counting down the New Year with all your friends, and when that ball drops, you want to be in the arms of a sweetheart kissing them passionately.

And maybe a little bit drunkenly, too.

The holidays are a great time. They’re filled with magic and love, but that can also just be lust as well. I’m not saying nothing real can happen during the holidays, but it’s also a real easy way for all the scum to come out and find their nut. Keep that in mind when you’re downing that egg nog.

And for all those single ladies and gentlemen this holidays, chin up.

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