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Perks of Dating a Public Relations Major

todayNovember 11, 2015 9 1

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Kalie Souknary
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Like everyone else in this world, there are traits that we favor and traits that we dread. Those traits have a tendency to be found in certain majors. I don’t want to admit that it’s a stereotypical situation, but it kind of is. As a Public Relations major, there are traits that I, along with my other fellow PR majors have, that people should appreciate. And yes, that’s me being cocky on behalf of all PR majors.

  1. We always have our phone on us.

If we don’t answer within 5 minutes, we’re either showering, doing some sort of chore, driving, or we’re straight up ignoring you. Communication is so important to us. We are constantly connected to the world whether it’s through email, social media, or text. From observation, most of us have our read receipts on because we want you to know that we got the message.

We’re easy to get a hold of. You will rarely have to wonder where we are or what we’re doing. And trust us, if we don’t want you to know, we know how to make sure you don’t find out. Our phone is our life. We know it like the back our hand. We pretty much know every little detail about privacy policies without even having to read it. And if you ever need something, you’ll never always be able to rely on us.

  1. We are always on time.

“To be early is to be on time. To be on time is to be late.” A motto I’ve been living by since the first time my dad said it to me in third grade. If we aren’t at LEAST ten minutes early to wherever we need to be, we’re late and in our minds it’s killing our image beyond repair. And we absolutely dread people who aren’t on time. Sorry, it looks bad. And when it comes to dating, we have mastered the art of time management. You will never have to wait for us to be ready for a date. We’ll be ready, sitting on the couch counting the minutes it takes you to show up at our door.

  1. We know how to deal with people.

Oh, you’re not good at talking to customer service? You can’t produce a good resume? Having trouble emailing a teacher? Here, let me do it. If you’re not a PR major or you’re just not good at communicating, we’ll make you look like a pro. We’re not afraid to talk. Our major is already in our character. If you don’t like conflict–even the smallest– we can handle it. We know the right things to say to get what we want without looking like bad people. If we’re dating, there will rarely be a time you ask us to email or call someone that we will say no. Not because we like it, we’re just good at it.

Okay, maybe we like it…

  1. We know how to find the light in all bad situations.

The job description of a PR Agent is to simply find the best possible way to portray their client. Do you have any idea how hard this could be? If a PR agent can somehow find a way to make the worst situation a positive one, we can find a way to make your day better. We’ll always find a positive side to a bad situation and we’ll always be searching for ways to improve. A dead end does not exist.

  1. Connections.

Public Relations and Business go hand in hand, so a lot of their habits are similar. We’re good at making friends, we know how to connect with people on a deeper level, and we know who to go to for certain things. Not only does this help us quickly solve problems, but hey, if you need a job to help you get off your feet, I just might know someone who is willing to help you. And great Public Relations people have good ethics in mind, so naturally, they are always willing to help.

  1. We’re organized.

We’re the kind of people that have our iPhones organized by the apps we use the most on the first page, and very specific folders for all the other apps on the second page. And did I mention that they’re in alphabetical order? Organization is key so we can keep up with our stuff and know exactly where they are when we need them. Our rooms may be a different story…. but we can tell you that we won’t forget your birthday or any important anniversaries.

Dating a Public Relations major has so many perks to it. We are kind-hearted, open-minded, hardworking, and we’re easy to talk to. You can rely on us for so many things and most of us will rarely expect anything back. So do yourself a favor, find a PR major and snatch them up before someone else does.

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todayNovember 11, 2015 9

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