Excercise Will Test San Marcos Emergency Response

KTSW News Department

Simulation Excercise

The Texas Military Forces will work with multiple agencies tomorrow for an emergency management exercise. The exercise will simulate scenarios where a plane crash and a hazardous material incident take place in San Marcos, where the City’s responsiveness to disaster scenarios will be tested.

San Marcos Communications Specialist Trey Hatt said residents should not be concerned about the drill, emphasizing “residents will see an increase in firefighter activity, see military vehicles tomorrow, simulated wreckage on one of the runways. So we just want to assure residents that there’s no emergency, it’s just a planned drill with the City of San Marcos, other agencies and then Texas Military Forces.”

Participating agencies will include the San Marcos Fire Department, San Marcos Police Department, Texas Aviation Partners, Hays County Sheriff’s Office, South Hays Fire Department, Kyle Fire Department, Hays County, Caldwell County and the City of San Marcos.

In the last six months, the City of San Marcos  have enacted emergency plans twice during devastating floods, where San Marcos Fire Chief Les Stephens suggests “This scenario allows us to practice our response to a different type of disaster and drill with other agencies we are likely to work side-by-side with during a disaster.”

The joint exercise will be held tomorrow from 5 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. at the San Marcos Regional Airport.

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