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11 Struggles People with Long Hair Know

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by Daniela Garcia
Blog Content Contributor

daniela garcia
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As someone who has both had short and long hair, I have come to know both sides, and although one has proved to be more convenient, I enjoy having long hair regardless of all of the troubles it brings each and every day.


Soups. Spaghetti. Pizza. Tacos. Long hair tends to swoop down from behind your ears, over your shoulders and dive into whatever previously good meal that you’re eating that then becomes less appetizing as you get a taste of your own hair.


I don’t know if this is just me, but my hair tends to get especially knoted behind my neck where a jolly land of residing knots decide to settle down and live as long as they can. This calls for at least twenty to thirty minutes of manually getting rid of those dreadful knots without trying to have a panic attack and drive to the hair salon to chop it all off.


This is especially applicable to the Fall/Winter time when sweaters and jackets are a must. Losing hair to the zippers of my clothes always crushes my soul just a teeny tiny bit.


Chairs with screws on the reclining spot. Stand. With. Caution..

And if you’re hair is really long, you may end up sitting on it.


It takes me a few extra moments to be able to comfortably walk down (and up, mostly up) the University campus without feeling my neck cramp because it is being pulled by the strands of hair caught on the straps of my backpack or purse. Looking terribly awkward and uncomfortable as I unsuccessfully attempt to free my imprisoned hair is just a bonus.


Some of us hopeless romantics have been witness to the pain and discomfort you can feel by the sweet act of simply laying down next to your significant other. This is especially true when they are unaware that they’re on your hair and you are forever trapped in a still in an uncomfortably awkward position. Not to mention, hugging someone can also lead to immediate pain after your hair gets trapped in their armpits or on their clothing. Yes. It happens. I really do like you, but don’t lay on my hair. Lol.


If you’re the type of person who likes to go out looking prim and prime you probably understand the struggle of needing extra time to make your locks look as luscious as your little heart desires. Depending on your length, thickness, and type of hair, this can certainly take a while. So plan accordingly! You don’t want to wash your thick long hair, have to blow dry it an hour before the event and fry your hair as your hurriedly try to curl all of it and not just one side.

Washing Face

This can take up to a hair tie, a hair clip and even a couple of bobby pins to keep your hair out of your face while washing it. Maybe even a headband!

Windy Days

Hair in the face, sticking to our lipgloss or smacking our eyes painfully is more than we would like to ask for, thank you.

Fear of Roller Coasters

I don’t have many fears but of course the ones I do have are irrational fears that aren’t very likely to happen. However, whenever my family and I decide to take a trip down to Six Flags and my sisters want to get on a thrilling roller coaster ride, I have to make sure to secure my hair with a tight braid, bun, and box. No, not the last one, but seriously. It never hurts to be extra careful when intentionally situating yourself in a dangerous situation.

Getting Trims

In the least vain way possible I’d like to state that the length of my hair has made me feel more comfortable with my image and because of previous haircuts gone awry, I dare only go to the hair salon for a haircut if it is for a trim, where I physically show them how little they can take off without me throwing myself on the floor and crying. But don’t worry! The last time I cut most of my hair off (five-six inches), I requested to have it saved for donation. You can look into the benefits of donating if you too desire. However, hair cuts tends to be an unnerving experience every time that makes me question whether I really want to do it, but as I’ve come to understand, trims are important for long and healthy hair. Speaking of which, it’s that time of year when I get to sit down on a chair and have my soul get crushed a little bit as I part ways with the tiny pieces of tendril as they make their way down to the floor and into the bin.

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