Jackson Boone: Natural Changes

Jackson Boone: Natural Changes

by Allison Belcher
Music Reviewer

Jackson Boone: Natural Changes
Jackson Boone: Natural Changes

Artist: Jackson Boone
Album: Natural Changes
Release Date: Sept. 11, 2015
Label: Wet Lettuce Records
Website: https://jacksonboone.bandcamp.com/

Up and coming artist Jackson Boone, a native of Portland, has recently released his second debut album Natural Changes. Boone makes use of beautiful stringed instruments like the violin and cello, putting one’s heart in a magical place full of serenity and peace. Songs on the album such as “Lovely Low” and “Lala” are perfectly calming, focusing on slow and dreamy vocals with empowering and vibrant orchestral instrumentals.  Boone’s second song on the album, “The Dolphin Turned into a Cat” shows off Boone’s use of serious and dark sounding instrumentals while presenting his listeners with silly and carefree lyrics, giving off an interesting juxtaposition between the two. Natural Changes exhibits a style similar to The Beatles — presenting its audience with psychedelic and dreamy sounding lyrics. Boone’s long term love of 60’s and 70’s music heavily influences the style and feel of Natural Changes, drawing inspiration from these unique eras of music. Natural Changes was recorded over a two week span in a beach house off the coast in Oregon, in turn giving the album a personable feel. As a result of growing up close to the coastline, Boone claims that the grandiosity of the Pacific Ocean and the sense of harmony it emits acted as a huge inspiration during the creation of his album. Natural Changes has the ability to act as a soundtrack to your adventurous trip through the mountains, or accompany you on a cold winter day. Boone captures your heart with his soft, billowy sounds, and you may in turn want him to just hold onto it.

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