sun drug EP

Sun Drug: Sun Drug EP

Brooke Adams
Music Reviewer

sun drug EPArtist: Sun Drug
Album: Sun Drug EP
Label: Sun Drug Records
Release Date: October 9

The first word I would use to describe Sun Drug’s self titled EP is “exciting.” Every time I thought I knew what was happening in a song or what direction it was heading in, they would switch it up into something completely different. The first song that got me really jammin’ from this album was “Soaked.” It is upbeat, has precise lyrics, and is a great addition to any highway driving playlist. Sun Drug was very particular about their use in sounds throughout this album—I would highly recommend listening with ear phones the first time through. Songs like “Wildman” sound incredible in stereo and deserve to be heard in all of their glory. Just two weeks after the release this song has almost 30,000 plays on Spotify. Not bad for their first release on the streaming service. This song is also a great display of lead singer Collin’s vocal ability. Sun Drug does a great job of balancing their vocals with all of the instrumental backing they use. It comes out sounding very crisp, clear, and professional.

This band also does well with showing their versatility with songs like “Flash Flood Warning,” a slow sensual tune that is driven by the instrumental backing. “John Fante” is another track which showcases their lyrical skills, their ability to tell a story, and uses their vocals to the fullest extent. They do a great job of establishing their sound, but also diversifying it. The album has a relatively obvious niche but is not one-note. This band has great potential for growth and is already showing how strong their work can be. This LA band will continue to stand out from the oversaturated city of musicians and continue to make great albums like this one, with a little support from their fans.

Be sure to check out the official video for “Widman” here.

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