The Dears: Infinity Volume One

The Dears: Infinity Volume One

Artist: The Dears
Album: Infinity Volume One
Label: Pheromone / Dangerbird
Release Date: September 25

The Dears: Infinity Volume One
The Dears: Infinity Volume One

Brooke Adams
Music Reviewer

The Dears spent two years writing and recording their most recent release, “Times Infinity Volume One” and the time and effort put into it really shows. Their use of grunge-rock guitar tunes combined with the prominent drum lines, leads the album to infinity and beyond. I listened to it several times through and never got tired of hearing their use of rock guitar and synth vibes. The Canadian rock band clearly put lots of time into the construction of this album and each song has a very clear storyline that can be followed second-by-second. This album definitely has clear influences from bands like The Smiths and Arcade Fire. Sometimes it felt very hard rock, and at other times I found myself feeling very mellow and “indie.”

The band described this album as “refined yet sloppy” and I couldn’t agree more. When I imagine the recording process of this album, it’s a scene in my mind of The Dears sitting around a table slurping back beers and writing rock love songs and then taking it to the studio and (somehow) coming out with a very well put together album. With songs like “I Used to Pray For the Heavens to Fall” and “To Hold and Have” and the seamless transition between each song, you can get a sense of the versatility of this band and the possibilities that lie ahead for them. The album takes you through tales of rejection, longing, and the fear of loneliness—not uncommon territory for most songwriters. This project is a definite success on the part of the Dears and is a great piece of music.

The Dears won’t be coming to the south on their next tour, but you can check out the album trailer here and hope that they make it down here soon:

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