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The Rise and Fall of Jimmy Fallon

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By Brandon Deleon
Blog Content Contributor

JIM FALLON NORMALIn a now seemingly strange but nostalgic way, Jimmy Fallon has always held a place in my heart. He brings back memories of a time when I was seven and my parents and I would watch Saturday Night Live and then go to a local pizza place hoping to see the guy that looked like Jimmy Fallon. Now that I think about it, this guy probably hated being compared to Fallon every single time that we went but he was really nice and seemed appreciative of the attention, giving off a Fallon-like smile (except he didn’t look hollow inside). I hope my parents tipped him well, and I hope nobody these days still brings up his Fallon-like demeanor. I really don’t know how much I comprehended and can still recall about SNL at age seven, but for as long as I can remember I’ve had a lot of respect for the cast that was on during my early childhood consisting of Fallon, Will Ferrell, Tina Fey, Amy Poehler, Tracy Morgan, and Chris Kattan (my personal favorite).

The cast from this era have done really well for themselves. It seems that Fey and Poehler are on a never-ending rampage successful of movies and TV shows. Same thing goes for Ferrell. Morgan’s loud, enigmatic character will probably remain eternal, and an influence for many to come. Kattan lurks somewhere in the outskirts of comedy but I still love him and hope for a Mango role reprisal.

I now struggle with my appreciation for Fallon. I was happy for him in 2009 when he became the host of Late Night With Jimmy Fallon. My initial thought was “Cool, a late-night host not in his late 50s-60s.” I like the older hosts, it’s nice to see old people with wit, I just thought Fallon could offer a fresher perspective. It turns out that producer Lorne Michaels had intended to have Fallon represent a younger demographic. Had Fallon not have become the host of his own late-night show, the 7 critically lackluster movies he did after leaving SNL between the years of 2004-2009 would have probably put him in a “Where Are They Now” category.

Like almost everyone with a negative opinion on Fallon says, I don’t mean to rip on the guy personally. “He seems like a really nice guy” (my words, but also the words of many), but as time persists I can’t help but find everything he does less and less funny.

One thing that every hater brings up is how much he sucks up to every single guest on his show. I agree with this and it’s gotten to the point where it’s all I notice. It more often than not seems like this gives most guests a feeling of unease. For example, Fallon starts off his interview with Robert Downey Jr. by ranting “You’re a you’re a great actor. I love you. It’s just that you’re an amazing actor. I think that means you’re in touch with your emotions. *Robert Downey Jr. uncomfortably looks away*. Would you say that’s true?” Then Fallon proceeds to jump into one of his terrible games (Emotional Interview), and ruins what could’ve been a great interview by revolving the entire interview around himself and his silly games.

The silly games that plague his show are:

Fast Family Feud, Instant Song Analysis, Pup Quiz, Pop Quiz, Drinko, Spin the Microphone, Explain This Photo, Kid Dictionary, The Whisper Challenge, Egg Russian Roulette, Truth or Truth, Water War, Dubsmash, Watermelon Time Bomb, Slapjack, Wheel of Musical Impressions, Headshots, Facekickers, Phonebooth, Word Blurt, Beer Hockey, the Acting Game, Catchphrase, Inflatable Flip Cup, Brainstorm, 5-Second Summaries, First Textual Experience, Pool Bowling, Random Picture Word Association, Box of Lies, Team Flip Cup, Funny Face Off, ROCK PAPER SCISSORS, Piven or Piv-Out, Giant Beer Pong, Random Object Shootout, Facebreakers, First Impressions, STICKY BALLS, Hallway Golf, Fifty Accents of Grey, Kid Theater, Charades, Pictionary, Lip Flip, AIR GUITAR, Holiday Flip Cup (because we need more variants of flip cup), Antler Ring Toss, Turkey Scooter Race, Word Sneak, Giant Tricycle Race, Pumpkin Time Bomb, Password, Drone Race, Face-Stuffing Contest, Random Object Football toss, Hot Wing Eating Contest, Karate Piñata, Giant Duff Beer Pong…

And last but not least, the 60th game in this list, the always trending, worst of all…

LIP SYNC BATTLE: A segment where Fallon and his respective guest “compete” in a lip-sync contest (as if it’s a quantifiable talent with some kind of prize) using  2-3 songs picked through a broad filter of pop-culture hits spanning all decades. Often filled with faux-sexual performances, intense stare downs and Fallon’s desperately sad attempt to outdo whatever guest he has “performing” with him. Once again, Fallon succeeds in making the entirety of the show about him and how ~funny~ he is.

My main problem with the show is that it seems completely void of any substantial interviews from his guests about their careers, current projects, adversities, etc. It’s like Fallon is always trying to say “Hey don’t forget about me!” to his viewers but of course he’s choking up in laughter while doing so.

Also, who can forget the costumed Bob Dylan, Bruce Springsteen, Neil Young impressions that Fallon also does. Those are pretty awful, despite their impressive accuracy. It’s something I wish I could enjoy, but it seems more like a cringe-worthy high school talent show performance. However, I do admire Fallon’s use of music in his show and extensive knowledge of classic rock and old pop classics. He’s a solid musician and I’ll give him that. I enjoy some of his parody music he made in the early 2000’s.

Either way, his ratings are good, and it worries me that people maybe people like trash more than ever but I still have respect for him. I’m always gonna be a Jimmy Fallon fan despite how awful I think his show is. Besides his completely flawed show plagued by his bad segments aimed at a younger iPad obsessed crowd, I still think he is a completely likeable guy and have respect for him. I would hope that later I see him in another form of media where I can see him excel in a more serious way.

I can’t help but notice how these negative opinions are recognized by many people all over the internet.


jimmylumpy Overdoingfallon Fakefallon

While there may be flaws to “America’s nicest funnyman”, he will probably go on to host into old age and become a legendary TV staple.

I anxiously await the day where Fallon is at David Letterman’s current age and he is trying to outshine a 40 year-old Jaden Smith at a game of Virtual Reality Rap-Off.

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  1. Sandi on April 28, 2016

    I wish he would read these comments. I don’t really like watching his show anymore because he doesn’t give the guest a chance to talk. He talks over them

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