Victor Vega: Sounds of Insomnia Review

By Zayn Darwiche
Music Reviewer

Artist: Victor Vega
Album: Sounds Of Insomnia
Label: MTHRSHP Records
Release Date: September 28, 2015

Victor Vega (formerly Vicky Flair The Voodoo Child or VFTVC) and his producer Forest Green are two of San Marcos’ most promising hip­-hop artists. The two connected at
Texas State University’s Hip Hop Congress as freshmen last year and have since been
working on music in Forest Green’s apartment studio. Together they make up
MTHRSHP and have created their own record under the same name. Sounds Of
Insomnia, their first collaborative project, was originally released on May 28, 2015 back
when Vic was still VFTVC. The EP was remixed, remastered and re­released in
September under Vic’s new moniker.

The tone of Sounds Of Insomnia is earnest like an open diary. Vic journals sleepless nights after nights narrating the demon­ ridden thoughts that overcome him when the sunsets. As heavy as that may sound, the mood is relatively light ­hearted all the way through the tape. “Demons”, the third track, begins with a short monologue spoken softly and solemnly over the distant sound of a dog barking. Storytelling prowess like this is a facet of rap that has in recent years been left in the dust. Vic flows like a veteran at an early stage in his music career. Wherever it may seem he is about to fall off of his flow, he immediately catches a new rhyme scheme without tripping. One might liken his unconventional penmanship to that of Earl Sweatshirt or Chance The Rapper. This paired with fatigued and wavy melodicism makes for some heavily cathartic raps to not fall asleep to.

A year ago, Danny (Forest Green) was cooking up beats on an iPad. Now he’s operating with a full fledged Digital Audio Workstation with beat pads, MIDI controllers, samplers, the works. The production on Sounds Of Insomnia is precise, crisp and well-
mixed in local artist, Jayflash’s studio. Forest flips soulful retro samples mixed in with contemporary drum packs and slow ambient synths. Like Vic, Danny has mastered his craft and curated his own signature sound. Track 5, “Upprs // Dwnrs” comes in with the smoothest Chic Corea sample on top of a muffled arpeggiator that takes me to outerspace everytime it comes on.

Sounds Of Insomnia is 8 tracks long, including a bonus cut, “Lost Dreams [A Forest Green Mix]”. Only two features were commissioned to fellow Indigold Media Group artists SHVMVN and JasThePhilo. I advise you to give it a spin or six.


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