Bobcat Softball Wins 4 out of 5 in The Louisiana Tech Spring Tournament

By Eddie Lerma
Sports Reporter

The Bobcats competed in the Louisiana Tech Spring Tournament this past weekend in Ruston, Louisiana. There was a minor setback for Texas State Softball as they lost Sunday’s game to Louisiana Tech 5-0 but before that, they dominated everything else. Texas State pitcher Randi Rupp is currently tied for the NCAA lead with seven wins in the circle.

IMG_9604 edited
Photo by Madison Tyson

Game 1: Houston Baptist

The Texas State Softball team handled business over the weekend as they topped Houston Baptist to begin the tournament. Starting at the mound against Houston Baptist Friday evening was sophomore pitcher Randi Rupp. For three innings, she only allowed one hit with four strikeouts. In relief, Junior Quincy Charleston pitched for two innings and had five strikeouts. The Bobcats ended that game defeating Houston Baptist 10-0.

Game 2: Mississippi Valley State

Junior Paige Williams had her first Texas State no-hitter Friday afternoon; she finished with six strikeouts. At the end of the day, the Bobcats’ pitching sealed the deal with a combined 17 strikeouts. Texas State defeated Mississippi Valley State by a score of 8-0.

Game 3: Abilene Christian

This is the third time the Bobcats have defeated the Wildcats. The lone two runs of the first inning happened to be the only runs the Bobcats needed to shutout the Wildcats. Transfer Corrina Liscano got walked while bases were loaded which enabled Kelli Baker to score her run. Ariel Ortiz finished the game going 3-for-3 from the plate. Notably, Randi Rupp collected her sixth win of the season. Texas State defeated Abilene Christian by a score of 2-0.

Game 4: Belmont

Belmont gave the Bobcats a scare late in the game, holding a lead as late as the sixth inning. Ariel Ortiz came to save the day for the Bobcats with her fifth hit of the day to score Taylor Webb and give Texas State the 3-2 lead that would eventually give the Bobcats the victory. The starting pitcher for this game was junior Paige Williams but Randi Rupp came on in relief and emerged victorious to earn her seventh win of the season. Texas State defeated Belmont by a score of 3-2.

Game 5: Louisiana Tech  

Randi Rupp had the start against Louisiana Tech but could not find a rhythm Sunday afternoon. Louisiana Tech’s Anna Cross scored at the bottom of the first inning. The Bulldogs kept scoring until the fourth inning including a two run homer from Pauline Tufin at the bottom of the third. The deficit extended when Tech’s Karlee Jensen scored on an error at the bottom of the fourth. This would end the six-game winning streak for the Bobcats. Texas State lost to Louisiana Tech by a score of 5-0.

Notable: Quincy Charleston came in to pitch for Rupp at bottom of the fifth with bases loaded and got out of the inning with no runs and no hits.

What is next? The Bobcats will hit the road on Friday and they will face the Northern Illinois Huskies at the Grand Canyon Invitational in Phoenix, Arizona. Some of the other teams the Bobcats will face are the University of Montana and Grand Canyon University.

Featured image by Madison Tyson.

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