Humans of San Marcos: Aaron Razo

By Sarah Bey
Blog Content Contributor

Aaron Razo. Photo by Sarah Bey
Aaron Razo. Photo by Sarah Bey

You may have seen a guy spinning an Apartment Pros sign along the right side of the Sessom Drive and North LBJ Drive. Aaron Razo, 23, used to be a Texas State psychology student.

“For music, it’s really hard to do anything with a music degree if you don’t want to be like a teacher,” Razo said. “(A psychology degree) is more practical.”

Born in New Braunfels, Razo has lived in the San Marcos area his whole life and was able to land the job with Apartment Pros through a friend.

“He was the OG sign guy right before me and it’s just his family’s business,” Razo said. “It’s a nice job we could do to basically get people to walk in. You know it’s always good to find walk-ins. They said get anybody’s attention by any means.”

Razo not only spins signs but he also sometimes brings out his ukulele on the job. Razo said he has been playing the ukulele for about a year.

“I just picked up a uke and just learned,” Razo said. “I can pretend I can play. There’s always going to be somebody who’s like super better than you.”

Since he’s been working with Apartment Pros, Razo said he has had his fair share of dangerous experiences alongside the roads.

“There’s another location called Apartment Guys right by the Shell off of Aquarena and people like nearly run into me all of the time,” Razo said. “People try to make a U-turn down that road and it’s almost impossible to do. So, I’ve had people run up on the curb next to me. Especially here (on Sessom Drive,) if it’s super early in the day and you still have a few drunks on the road. But the worse thing is somebody will chuck something at me.”

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