Why My Mom is The Most Amazing Person to Me

By Allison L. Johnson 
Blog Content Contributor

First things first, I would like to give a shout out to my Mom. I have seen her grow a lot in the last year. I am beyond proud of the woman she is becoming. I know that’s something you would hear an older adult tell a young lady my age, but honestly, a woman should never stop becoming the best she can be. I hope when I’m her age I am still surprising myself with growth and positive changes in my life. You rock, mom!

There are many reasons why I love my mom. I could go on about all the necessities of being a parent like providing their kids with clothes, a home and food, but here are some unique reasons why I love her.

My mom’s sense of humor is the best thing ever. She is very silly and sarcastic. She is the funniest person I know. Ruby can make anyone laugh! I remember in high school I had a girl that liked to copy everything I did. If I bought something, she would have it next week. If I said I went to a concert to see a band, next week she is their biggest fan. One day I came home from practice while my Mom was cooking dinner, and I told her about what “Wannabe Allison 2.0” did. Guess what her reply was, “Is she having spaghetti for dinner too?” She understands just about everything I go through, and can make light of any annoying or dreadful situation I’m in. I think being able to find some tasteful humor in just about anything, is a gift from God. Not everyone is funny. I’m also thankful she understands my dark humor!

We had a nice weekend getaway last Summer in LA! Here we are touring USC. Photo courtesy of Allison Johnson.

My mom is also fun. I hear a lot of people talk about how they are embarrassed of their moms, or how there’s no way they can hang out with them for a long time. I just can’t seem to relate to those statements. I actually spent spring break with my mom. She isn’t a regular mom, she’s a cool mom and I’m so grateful we have so much in common. My mom is my person! I promise you once I’m 21, we are going to be sitting in hotel bars pre-gaming for concerts together.

Another thing I love about her is her honesty. Ruby keeps me in the loop. I miss my family back home a lot, so I really appreciate her keeping me updated with how things are going in the household.  She doesn’t keep secrets from me and I admire that about her. Honesty and communication is the key to all relationships, and because she can keep a good relationship like that with me, I can implement them into relationships with my friends and family.

My mom is also so kind! If you’re reading this, you’re probably thinking she is a little feisty. She is when it comes to her babies, but besides that, many people love her for her kindness. I’ve seen my mom do for others when most people would’ve said “I really can’t afford it”, or “I don’t have time.” My mom is not only super mom to my sisters and I, but to her family and friends. She’s selfless, and that’s such an important trait in being a mother; probably the most important.

Also, it’s a privilege that I am attending Texas State. Not a lot of kids have support from their parents to be able to move away for four years. Thank you so much Mom! I look forward to FaceTiming you every week. You truly are the rose of my heart. I love you.

Featured image by Allison Johnson.




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