I Am Going To Business Law, Not Discussing Business At Tom Ford’s Dinner Party

By Allison Johnson
Blog Content Contributor

My high school put the strict in school district. Every school had to wear uniforms. I hated it. I knew there were many reasons for it. I am going to guess they wanted to make it seem like different socio-economic classes did not exist and to make sure girls did not show their shoulders. Also, if kids are wearing clothes that are not baggy, it is impossible to sneak in weapons. Great work by the way! The only thing dress code helped me with was being grateful for being able to wear whatever I want to class at my university.

I love wearing t-shirts that are a size or two too big for many reasons. First, I do not like clothes sticking to me when it is over 100 degrees outside. I am walking to a 50-minute b-law class, not going to dinner to discuss business with Tom Ford. Half of you probably will not even show up to the class, so who am I trying to impress? Even if I felt compelled to dress to impress for class, it would truly go to waste. My makeup would sweat off, and my clothes would be too hot for this weather. What is the purpose of going through all of that if I will not look, or even feel my best after stepping outside?

If you are someone who looks nice and sharp every day for class, good for you. I do not see any shame in that. I just do not see why people trash wearing a big t-shirt. To be honest, the shorts underneath my large t-shirt are probably covered in paint spots from painting my hand-me-down furniture last summer. That is not your problem though. I hate wearing jean shorts when it is hot, and I am not going to sweat my butt off in some denim shorts when my butt can catch a breeze though some Nike shorts that were marked down to $7. (Stop sleeping on the clearance at Academy and Hibbett.)

I do not care about what you have on in class. If anything is worth critiquing, it should be hygiene. If you had a shower, brushed your teeth, and put some deodorant on, you are good in my book. Pack an extra stick of deodorant and t-shirt if needed. Look a mess all you want, because I am right there with you. At least smell like Tom Ford while taking care of business.

Featured image contributed by Allison Johnson.


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