Hop into a Dream Boat with Bane’s World

By Brooke Vega
Music Journalist

Bane’s World, formerly known as Shane Blanchard, is a 21 year old dream-pop/indie-jazz artist from Long Beach, California. With this artist being so young, he has the time to grow in this evolving genre he is in. He has a bit of a Mac Demarco and Homeshake vibe in his music with the slacker-rockness. With Bane’s World definitely being on the come-up, he has already gained a larger fan base in the past year.

The artist’s first album, Drowsy, was released in June 2016, which included nine songs. Bane’s World proves himself with this album; the songs are either slow and groovy, or have a faster beat with nice reverb tones that hold everything together. It seems that most of the album is talking about relationships and love, which most people can relate to. On top of his album, Bane’s World has also released several singles. “Reminiscing” is his most recent single released in January 2017, it has a light and breezy tune. “You Say I’m In Love” and “I Must Be Wrong” are singles that were both released in the last year. He has also done a Beatles cover “This Boy,” which is one of my all-time favorites by him.

Bane’s World’s music is more like a hazy dream and a remedy for de-stressing. His tunes are full of synthy-reverby-dreamy goodness. The melodies go perfectly together with the sounds he has created, it’s an addicting rhythm that can be replayed over and over. There has not been any news of a tour, but hopefully he will surprise his fans and make his way down to central Texas. In the meantime, be sure to check out his album and new singles on Bandcamp, Spotify, Soundcloud and Apple Music!

DROWSY – Bane’s World (Music Video) from Fiona Kane on Vimeo.


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