Riding The Pine: Episode Eight

By Andrew Zimmel
Host with Bill Belichick look alike

The week after the Super Bowl usually leaves football fans feeling empty and sad that they no longer get to see their favorite multi millionaires bounce their brains off their skulls, but have no fear the Riding the Pine Podcast is here to help you get off the bench with, you guessed it, Super Bowl talk (0:45) to start the show and you get a soundbite for the ages when I disclose who I would trade my dad for (0:55).

We are joined this week in our recording closest by the Boss and Host of Friday’s Bobcat Radio Parker Rhea, where we talk about how bad Brenden’s life is (2:20) with all of the enemies winning titles. The Super Bowl also brought something only five other cities have. With the Super Bowl coming to the City of Brotherly Love, Philly now has a title for the four major sports franchises. Something on New York, Boston, Los Angeles and Chicago have done (5:00). We also talked about the rooting interests for the game (5:35) with everyone not really caring too much about the outcome. I bring up that the Eagles need to trade Carson Wentz (6:45), and the other two knuckle draggers disagree (typical). The game came down to Doug Peterson’s excellent coaching (12:04) and a few big moments (12:55) and the argument that the league is moving away from New England (16:21).

We end the show talking about the Texas State Men’s Basketball loss (21:05) and the comparisons that Coach Danny Kasper gets (23:08). The thing this team needs most is an offensive spark (24:51), and that’s something that the Texas State Women’s Basketball team has plenty of (27:14). This women’s team has a secret that might get them far (27:14), we debate how far (32:50).

We wrapped the show up with Parker’s picks (35:13), he took my turn and will run away with it.

Tuesday- OKC vs. GS
Golden State
Thursday- BOS vs. WAS
Thursday- Duke vs. UNC
Saturday- NO vs. BKY
New Orleans
Saturday- Purdue vs. Michigan St.
You can listen to Bobcat Radio every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 11 a.m. till noon.

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