Fearing: Black Sand Review

By Andrew Vela
Music Journalist

Artist: Fearing
Black Sand
Release Date:
January 2, 2018
Funeral Party Records

After a notable release entitled A Life of None, Fearing is back with Black Sand, an EP containing four songs where post-punk and goth rock thrives to its fullest. Fearing hails from California and by the album cover, you can just imagine how dark and post-punk this collective is. Formed from members that were previously involved in hardcore bands such as Expire and Oblivion and punk bands such as Creative Adult, Fearing’s hard drums, eerie guitar sounds, and monotone vocals create something memorable. This album is out on Funeral Party Records, a label that is recognized for its elite lineup of post-punk bands, goth rock and some dream pop artists such as Choir Boy.

The opening track “Black Sand” starts off with drums pounding in the distance and as they get close, they slam harder, and the thick chords start. As this is going on, we hear a second guitar with eerie sounds along with wavy, almost shoe-gaze-ish whirling sounds. The most dominant sound to me, that I feel is what makes Fearing, Fearing, is their loud reverb and bass sounds. The bass guitar’s heavy, angsty sounds bring Fearing’s music full circle. This opening track is one of the best opening tracks I have heard in awhile. It is definitely a head-banger. There is a line in this song that keeps me coming back to it: “The way you call my name, as if I don’t exist here. You go, you run away, when life is just a spotlight.” Then following all the instruments come in elevated and forceful, while maintaining the post-punk sound.

The following song “Rose & Web” is the track on this record that excites me the most. It has the most atmospheric and haunting sounds. This song is the most heavy post-punk song on this EP and must go down in history as one of the greats. The bass guitar strives in this song and doesn’t hold back. There is plenty of distortion and dark tones. It starts off with their famous atmospheric, solar sounds while a bass guitar reverb is pushed to its max level.

Fans of Fearing will find Night Sins, NEWMOON, Drab Majesty and many others to their liking.

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