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The Irons: Peter Clear Boy Album Review

By Eric McKeefer
Local Music Journalist

Artist: The Irons
Album: Peter Clear Boy
Release Date: January 2018

The Irons’ newest release, Peter Clear Boy, clocks in at just 26 minutes and is packed end to end with nine short melodic tracks each with their own sprinkle of quirkiness and creativity. Just last week I was introduced to this album and it has possessed my spotify since.

Peter Clear Boy is spiced up with a couple of skits that add a touch of heartwarming humility and creative flavor to the tracks “Future Police” and “In Time / Hero’s Journey.” The laid back drums and enchanting vocal harmonies of “What About Hawaii” makes it absolutely captivating without any lyrics at all. In contrast, The Forever Poet features lovely lyrics and a woodblock drum machine layer (also found in the title track) that feels as if it could’ve been in a demo track from Mac Demarco’s This Old Dog.

The music is subtle to say the least. Showcasing a guitar, electric piano, bass and drums, this album maintains a healthy amount of space for the vocals and sound effects. Along with the creative exploration, “New To The City,” “She’s Out There,” and “Slowly” are all easy, radio friendly hits that I find myself singing along to in the car. To find their music check out their bandcamp. Their upcoming local shows can be found on their Instagram, and be sure to catch them at Buzzmill San Marcos, Sept. 8!

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