view from a cave looking out into the woods

Local Music Playlist

By Clayton Chaney
Local Music Director

If your playlist is starting to repeat, we have just the thing for you. The best music is music that is authentic and there’s no better place to discover pure authenticity than right here in San Marcos.

Being right down the road from Austin, the Live Music Capital of The World, it’s no surprise the amount of talent that is brewed in this town. There is no doubt an abundance of energy in town with brands and artists like Blue October, George Strait and Brockhampton that all started out here in the triple-six.

There is far from a shortage of great music being created. This playlist is stacked with incredibly talented bands like the Ooey Gooeys, Kairos, Blumoon, The Irons, etcetera; they have blessed us with pure, raw authenticity that music provides for us.

Go give it a listen, you won’t regret it!

Playlist created by: Clayton Chaney, Danielle Ortega, and Eric McKeefer

Featured Photo by Clayton Chaney. 

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