Campaign signs posted with candidates’ names on them in landscape next to walkway ramp.

Candidates Square Off Student Government Debate

By Gene Brown
Junior News Reporter

Texas State University held a debate Monday night in preparation for the upcoming Student government election.

Student Government presidential candidates Corey Benbow and Alex Plunkett faced pressing questions last night about ways to improve campus safety, Greek life, and school spirit. Improvements with lighting, emergency boxes and the policing community where some of the ways the candidates hope to better the quality of the students.

Candidates addressed the issue regarding Greek life and the regulations set in order to have Greek organizations on campus. Candidate Benbow wants to acknowledge the events that occurred in the past year and wants to ensure safety for all students. Candidate Plunkett wants to pull back regulations and rebrand Greek life.

School spirit was also addressed but both candidates aim to fix the issue surrounding diversity and inclusivity to encourage students to get involved and feel included.

Another issue discussed was transparency between the Student government and the student body.

“Well, transparency is a given, like I said,” Plunkett said. “To be elected to president and vice president is an honor and when you serve it’s a calling to serve.”

Benbow said that transparency meant actionable changes to administration and resources.

“We really have to communicate with students and hold higher administration accountable and [have] very clear information on our website,” Benbow said.

Benbow also said that he wants to keep student government transparent by bringing student government back to the students.

Texas State will be able to vote starting Feb. 18. Voting ends Feb. 21.

Featured image by Gene Brown.

One thought on “Candidates Square Off Student Government Debate

  1. Corey Benbow stole my employment paperwork while he was office manager of the place I was employed in 2014 and used it to fraudulently apply for payday loans and to rent and sublet properties from which he profited. This man should not be celebrated. He plead guilty to identity theft and was sentenced July 3rd in Travis County.

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