This photo was taken inside Old Main on the Texas State campus in San Marcos, TX

Michael Jackson Recalls the Glory Days of Houston Football

By Bryce Berryman
Guest Student Journalist

*The following article was not written by a KTSW staff member, but by a student in the School of Journalism and Mass Communication. It does not reflect the opinions and values of KTSW.

No, not that Michael Jackson. This Michael Jackson goes by Jackson Michael, for obvious reasons, and is known more for his sports work than his dancing. Jackson is the author of “The Game Before the Money,” the director of the Houston Oilers biography “We Were the Oilers: The Luv Ya Blue! Era” and decided to stop by for a Q&A with some Mass Communication students.

Jackson’s career really took off with the release of his book “The Game Before the Money.” Before the books release, he had never been able to interview a famous professional athlete.

“I didn’t know anybody who was a professional football player, but once you get one project done, that’s when you start calling people and getting something else in the works.” Jackson said. “As one of my friends likes to say, ‘people get on a train that’s moving.’”

And get on the train they did. Jackson’s biography over the Oilers was a goal of his for a while and it showed a behind the scenes look at the late ’70s Houston Oilers with interviews from some key players over the years, including quarterback Dan Pastorini.

“It’d always been a dream of mine to get classic teams together and just kind of reminisce about their stories and the games they’ve played in,” Jackson said.

Along with being a sports aficionado, Jackson also has a passion for music and has worked with some respected names such as Gregg Rolie and W.C. Clark. “I grew up an only child, so music was my companion,” Jackson said. “I got a guitar when I was 16 and fell in love with it.”

Currently, you can find Jackson working on his The Game Before the Money podcast. However, he did say that he would love to work on another biography of a team if given the opportunity and of course he still has his passion for songwriting.

Featured image by Bryce Berryman.

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