The sign indicates where the Junction is located on West Avenue and includes the street address 109. Cars can be seen on West Avenue parallel parked.

The Junction Apartments Demand Compensation

By Connor Champagne
Senior News Reporter

The Junction Apartments in San Marcos is requesting six months worth of back pay from residents for water and sewage charges. The apartments told residents that they owed the unexpected fees at the end of last month.

Residents were contacted by email and told that they could establish a payment plan by March 15. One of those residents, Eunice Arcos, was told she will need to pay over $350. Arcos said that due to her family’s economic circumstances, she is unable to pay such a large fee in a short amount of time.

Fellow resident, Nohemi Galaviz, has been working with Arcos in an attempt to fight the charges. They are in contact with local government officials and the corporations that run the complex, among others. One official is Dr. Jocabed Marquez, a San Marcos city council member, who has supported the girls in their efforts. Marquez recently began hosting meetings for those opposing the Junction’s charges in her home. Galaviz said that she and Arcos have been working strenuous hours to fight the charges.

The apartment complex is citing the rental agreement residents signed to justify the charges. Attorney Mark Knop, who represents clients in civil law, reviewed the lease and said that what the apartment complex is doing is acceptable.

Image of a segment of a leasing agreement. The highlighted section indicate the language sited by both parties.
Highlighted in yellow is what Eunice Arcos and Nohemi Galaviz believe make the complex responsible for the charges. Highlighted in orange is the legal language that attorney Mark Knop, who does not represent Asset Community Housing, uses to justify the charges. Photo by Connor Champagne.

The current owners of The Junction are Asset Campus Housing, the same company that was behind The Pointe’s delayed construction last year. Arcos and Galaviz estimate that the Junction could collect around 90-thousand dollars through these charges. Media representative for the Junction, Mark Evans, said via email that they are still sorting through the specifics of the charges.

Residents were informed of the charges before Asset Campus Housing took ownership of the complex. In the same email correspondence with Evans he said that there is a lot of uncertainty as to who will receive the money and if the water charges will continue. Evans also said that the new owners have been trying to deal with resident complaints to the best of their ability.

Featured image by Connor Champagne.

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