The album cover is a graphic drawing of a woman’s shadow with a snake tattoo a whole in the middle of her forehead, a rectangle cut-out with a car inside at the center of her chest. The background is a solid color of mauve/pink. There are green plants next to the female shadow and a window showing red, orange, pink, and purple spherical arrangements.

Ambar Lucid: Dreaming Lucid EP Review

By Maria Coraza
Music Journalist

Artist: Ambar Lucid
Album: Dreaming Lucid
Release Date: March 1, 2019
Label: Ambar Lucid

Ambar Lucid is a Mexican-Dominican singer/songwriter originally from Little Ferry, New Jersey. Living in the suburbs of New York City, Lucid started writing and producing original bedroom-pop music at the age of 15. She eventually pursued her music career at the end of her high school years and performed shows around New York City.

On March 1, 2019, she debuted her latest project, Dreaming Lucid. Lucid’s music fits under the indie/alternative genre with jazz, soul and R&B influences. Lucid is celestially distinguished by her warm, sultry vocals as well as the fluidity of her bilingual lyrics exemplifying the abundance of the universe.

Dreaming Lucid starts off with her EP-titled track “Dreaming Lucid” with gentle electric guitar and compelling vocals. This song had a slow, steady flow that keeps drifting and floating. It is simple and clean, but impactful nonetheless. “Dreaming Lucid” is an excellent starter in a musical and lyrical context. Her line, “Medicate my soul, let me drift away. I don’t want to know what it is I have to pay,” paints a picture of her slipping into her songs as a therapeutic escape. The second track follows with a similar idea in “Pineapple Death”. Featuring more gentle and filtered electric guitars, and a message of choosing to liberate yourself into a positive bliss.

“Eyes” features dreamy chords and brassy overtones and saxophone. This track is a sweet, heart-swelling song with a rosy chord progression and loving lyrics. The melody and words have the power to make one feel loved and in love. The sound changes in the fourth track “Somewhere in Between” with a dark, fluid, and drizzling entrance that melts into resonant bell chords and a heartbeat bass. The tune uncovers a heavier message of feeling dreadful and lost.

That stuck feeling does not last long when the next track comes around with “A letter to my younger self”. Crooning over a sunny harp, Lucid sings to her past self and grievances. Almost like a response to “Somewhere in Between”, Lucid gives peace to troubled situations with lyrical lines in English and Spanish. Fruitful lyrical lines include “Ya no quiero que llores. The universe is gonna give you muchas flores” which translates to “I do not want you to cry anymore. The universe is gonna give you many flowers”.

The on-going story of the EP resolves in “Letting Go”, where Lucid sings slowly with a savoring tone about transcending her current situation with the love and inspiration of another person or source. Ending with “Painted Red”, Lucid passion swells her inner being as she promises to never fall for a lesser version of herself.

Dreaming Lucid is a peek into Ambar Lucid’s beautiful mind. Her music artfully communicates her thoughts and experiences in life and finding oneself. The tracklist seamed together so effectively, making the EP one on-going film inside your head. With her intuitive intelligence and minimalist musical beauty, Ambar Lucid will be soaring high places in the musical community.

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