The view of a carnival at night from the top of the ferris wheel.

It’s Fiesta Time in San Antonio!

By Daniel Richter
Web Content Contributor

From April 18-28 the city of San Antonio will be celebrating the 128 Fiesta San Antonio throughout the city.

The fun began in 1891 with the Battle of Flowers Parade which honored those from the Alamo and San Jacinto. The parade grew and grew and in 1959 the Fiesta San Antonio Commission took over and has been coordinating the event ever since.

The Battle of Flowers Parade took place on the morning of April 26. It currently brings in crowds of over half a million people and it is the only parade in the United States that is put on by only women volunteers.

The Fiesta San Antonio Commission works with 100 nonprofit organizations to put on loads of different events throughout the whole city.

Another one of the main attractions of the festival is the carnival. The carnival takes place every day of Fiesta and features great food, a ferris wheel, swings and lots of other awesome rides.

Live music will also be taking place throughout the week at various locations including German music during Gartenfest, marching bands during the Band Festival, jazz bands at the Jazz Band Festival, The San Antonio Symphony at the Fiesta concert and loads more.

If none of these activities intrigue you don’t worry because there is also a fashion show, a chili cook-off, a 5K run, square dancing, art exhibits, parades and a whole lot more.

You might even get lucky and run into Official Fiesta Royalty, one member of royal family being Miss Fiesta San Antonio, a tradition that has been going on since 1949.

Overall the goal of Fiesta San Antonio is to celebrate the city’s rich history and diverse culture. Make sure you check it out before it goes away!

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