The Black Angels album cover

Underrated Artists to Freshen up Your Playlist

By Mili Murillo
Music Journalist

When I find myself getting sick of music that I’ve been listening to for the past month on repeat, I start looking at artist related to the ones that I’ve been listening to. Another good place to look is, if you use Spotify, going to your Discover Weekly. Spotify gives you a playlist with suggestions of music you might like based on what you have been listening to. Discover weekly puts out new music every week which gives you many options on what music to listen to. While these two previous methods are great, the ultimate way to find good new music while also supporting smaller, not as a well-known artist is by listening to KTSW because they are constantly playing smaller artists who have killer music. I have found some of my favorite music these three ways and I suggest doing this if you are on the hunt for some new music. Three of my favorite artists I have been listening to recently are Aria, The Pesos, and The Black Angels.


An artist that I found by looking at the related artist to Michael Seyer was an artist by the name of Aria. He is a Hip hop-rap/alternative artist from New York. Now I will warn you that most of his music is explicit but I still highly recommend if you are into rap music. The song that I first listened to by Aria was “Love Sick.” This song Is from Aria’s album called imstillhere. This song, in particular, brought my attention because Michael Seyer is a feature in this song, whom I am a huge fan of. If you are familiar with Michael Seyer’s and Aria’s music you will see how this song is a perfect balance of both of the artist’s sound which did this song well. Aria is known for how real his lyrics are and he talks about very real things that I’m sure a lot of people can relate to. If you’re wanting an interesting new sound, Aria is definitely a must.

The Pesos

An artist that I found through my Discover Weekly was The Pesos. The Pesos is a rock band from Los Angeles, California. The song that played on my Discover Weekly was “Baby” from their Carpet Dope album. Ten seconds into hearing the song I was already saving the song. I started going through their other music and found some great songs. The lead singers voice reminds me of The Growlers who I’m also a huge fan of. A lot of The Pesos music is about the band’s experiences of surfing and living near the beach in California. In an interview I watched of The Pesos, they say that surfing to them is more of an art form as opposed to a sport. They also mention that they try to write music resembling their experiences in the truest form possible. Their two albums released are Carpet Dope which was released in 2017, and then their most recent album called Laissez Faire released the next year in 2018. Some of my favorite songs by them in addition to “Baby” is “Hey Hey,” “Bobby,” and “B sides”. I recommend The Pesos if you’re into surf/ garage rock music. The Pesos sound is like if The Growlers and The Drums had a baby.

The Black Angels

Lastly, an artist that I listen to on the regular that was introduced to me through listening to KTSW is The Black Angels. They are from Austin, Texas and have been around since 2005. I feel as if you are from Austin you have probably at least heard of the band name. The Black Angels music is a good mix of psychedelic and garage rock. They have released six full albums aside from their LPs so you are in for a ride. Their first full album released back in 2006 called Passover is by far my favorite. The Black Angels often perform at a local music fest formerly known as psych fest, but is now known as Levitation fest. I hope to see them live soon.

Hopefully, these tips will inspire you to listen to new artists or maybe you just found your new favorite.


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