A simplified umbrella with orange, purple, and green panels and the phrase “Music Staff Mixtape: Life’s A Beach” in blue, yellow and red text on a sandy-colored background.

KTSW Music Staff Picks: Life’s A Beach

By Conner Yarbrough
Music Director

With Friday’s summer solstice under our belts, we’ve survived the longest day of the year and officially made it to summer – and you know what that means… windows down, AC’s cranked to the max and sweaty sunscreened skin.

Whether you’re on a trip to the beach, chilling at the river or just hanging out in the Texas heat, the KTSW Music Staff has created the perfect playlist to put you in that summertime mood.

So, sit back, connect the aux or bluetooth and enjoy the KTSW Music Staff Mixtape: Life’s A Beach (and check out the graphic below to see who picked your favorites)!

A simplified graphic representation of a beach from a bird’s eye point of view with umbrellas in various orientations using primary colors and towels in secondary colors. The bottom of the image features the water meeting the sand and the names of the journalists along with the tracks they selected.
Grab a bottle of sunscreen and your water*resistant* speakers, the KTSW Music Staff has selected the best tracks for your days laying out in the sun this summer. Image by Conner Yarbrough.

Featured image by Conner Yarbrough.

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