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5 Summer Tips For Long Lasting Makeup

By Arlett Ramirez
Assistant Web Content Manager

If you’re going to be rocking a full face of makeup this summer, then you want a look that will last all day or night. No one wants to waste time doing their makeup only for it to last an hour or two before it’s gone. During summer, most of us might not want to wear a full face of makeup in fear of looking oily by the end of the day. Trust me I know there’s a difference between, matte, dewey and greasy. No matter your preference, these tips will help keep your makeup long lasting through hot weather and sweat.

Set your face with powder before applying foundation or concealer.

Cakey foundation is the worst. You’ve probably been told to stay away from lots of powder in fear of your foundation looking cakey. During the summer though, powder is going to be your best friend. 

A good setting powder will help keep your makeup looking like it was just applied! Before applying foundation or concealer, take a sponge and tap a light layer of powder over the areas where your makeup starts to fade or you become oily. The powder will help your foundation be kept intact much longer than if you simply apply it over a primer. My favorite setting powder is the Cover FX Matte Setting Powder because just like the name says it keeps me matte no matter what.

Wet your makeup brush before applying eyeshadow.

You can use water or a setting spray to wet your brush. Wetting the brush before applying eyeshadow will help the shadow keep its pigment all day. This tip works best for shadows that are metallic or shimmers. You can even use this tip for powder highlights.

Baking will save your makeup.

Baking is where you apply a large amount of powder to a specific part of your face (under the eyes, ‘T’ zone, or high points of the face) then wipe the excess off. This helps to set the base makeup whether its foundation or concealer and it can help extract oils from the face. It also helps maximize the coverage of the makeup and the longevity.

A little fun fact about baking is that it began with drag queens. Drag queens started baking to keep their makeup on through their performances. Under heavy lighting and sweat, drag queens need to keep their makeup on all night no matter what. 

Use concealer or foundation as a lip primer. 

Some lipsticks swear they will last all day. But after a few hours, cracks begin to show and before you know it, it’s gone! To avoid this, place a small amount of concealer or foundation over your lips to act as a primer before applying lipstick. This will help your lipstick stay on longer and make the color vivid.

Build up foundation coverage slowly.

Whether you apply foundation with a sponge or brush, make sure to use slow and gentle tapping motions rather than harsh strokes. Stroking the foundation across the face will cause streaks and poor coverage. It may cause wrinkles over time. Tapping motions will ensure that the makeup goes into the skin and provide the best coverage. 

These tips help my makeup last all day and night. You can use these tips daily or whenever you need your makeup to last all day!

Featured image by Arlett Ramirez via Canva.

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