This is a picture of me holding a thing of unopened chocolate hummus at HEB in the Meal Simple section.

The Grocery Girl: The Secret Gems of HEB

By Mia Robinson
Web Content Contributor

Working at a grocery store really opens your eyes to an abundance of things that you would have never noticed unless you worked there. A lot of us have a list that we are set on, especially considering that we are mostly all on a strict budget. But hopefully one of the products I mention will catch your eye and be in your shopping cart the next time you find yourself at HEB. 


I know this sounds weird, and trust me the first time I saw this product I was shocked too. It sounds gross and is a dark brown color. But if you are a dark chocolate lover, then I can assure you that this is a perfect snack for you.


In the produce section of HEB, there is a section with nuts and dried fruit. This section is often overlooked, but next time you go to HEB, make sure to check it out. There are a bunch of different dried thick fruits to choose from, and some even have chimoy. This gives an extra spice to the fruity flavors. These will be a game changer for you if you enjoy the flavors of sweet and spicy. 


Creamy Creations is the HEB brand of ice cream and it is personally my favorite brand. The ice cream is so smooth and comes in a lot of different flavors. If you ever want to try something new that is sweet and cold, I suggest getting one of the limited edition creamy creations. Why the limited edition ones? Because they aren’t always there and will be gone sooner than you know it. They are, in my opinion, often the best flavors!


These meals in their shiny boxes are underrated. They’re perfect for us college students! Even though they range from four to nine dollars a box, they are worth it if you have a craving and aren’t the best cook. Meal Simples have a wide variety of foods: enchiladas, shrimp, chicken, salmon, steaks, veggies, steaks with veggies, etc. These meals are perfect if you’re in a rush. They even have pre-made sandwiches if you need a lunch that day. 


The amount of times I see this come through my line is ridiculous. I want it every time I see it! It has a wide variety of textures and flavors. You can find these in the meal simple/bakery area of HEB. Pick up one of these four dollar gems next time you are at HEB.

This is a picture of a row of tiramisu at HEB.
HEB has delicious tiramisu! Image by Mia Robinson.


If you are ever craving something warm and filling, this soup will not disappoint. They have a soup bar in the deli area where you can serve yourself a bowl of warm soup. They often have the flavors tomato, chicken noodle and black bean. Sometimes they have different flavors, but my favorite is the chicken noodle soup!


Do you ever want a treat, but don’t want to buy a whole treat? I recommend getting the mini sized chocolate chip cookies and the mini brownies because they are a quick, yummy snack.

This is a picture of the bakery section of HEB where the miniature desserts are in the store.
Miniature cookies and brownies. Image by Mia Robinson.


Do you ever crave soda, but not the calories? I have just the thing for you to get next time you go to the store! The HEB sparkling water comes in many different flavors and is just as fizzy in the bottles as they are in the cans. These waters are a game changer because, in my opinion, they are a lot better (and a lot cheaper) than La Croix or Waterloos. 

These items should be on your next shopping list because they are yummy and will surely spice up your meals and snacks throughout the week. Enjoy!

Featured image by Mia Robinson.

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