Role Model sits in a chair with a white short sleeved button up on holding a bloody heart.

5 Artists I Found on YouTube at 3 a.m.

By Timia Cobb
Music Journalist

I tend to cruise YouTube in the middle of the night in search of new music. My music taste during this time of night is wide and peculiar, but it has led me to find some listen worthy artist.

Princess Chelsea

Like her title, Princess Chelsea is a princess (not literally). However, her voice has this sweet, kind aura that draws you in just like a princess would, but when you see her or watch one of her videos you start to see something is a little off.

She has this brand that I can only describe as her paying homing to ‘80s nostalgia. There’s heavy usage of green screens that are obviously seen and her wardrobe choices look as though she just walked off the set of “Saved By The Bell”.

If Best Coast and post Born To Die Lana Del Rey had a child, it would be Princess Chelsea. She’s entertaining, her voice could easily be grouped with many other artists because it isn’t extraordinary, but how she sells this character she has made up makes her music even more enjoyable.


SEVDALIZA isn’t an artist that I would find myself listening to regularly. When I listened to her song “That Other Girl” for the first time I didn’t like it. It sounded as if it was trying too hard to be complex and the number of beats were too much for me to handle at three in the morning. Although, after listening to her again I found myself unable to stop listening to her.

I always knew what trip-pop was but never considered it a real genre of music until SEVDALIZA. There are multiple artists who do the same thing as SEVDALIZA such as FKA Twigs or Björk.

This style of music is unique and not everyone can do it correctly because it can easily turn into a huge mass of disturbing noise. Each artist delivers trip-pop so differently that in a way they make it their own, they break away from genres and make their music hard to describe resulting in them being labeled as trip-pop. SEVDALIZA has been added to a shortlist of artists who know how to be original in the industry. Her voice and creativity are beautiful, which is why I’m happy to have found her music.

Orla Gartland

I cried the first time I listened to Gartland’s music. Her voice reminds me of the women I grew up listening to Regina Spektor, Lily Allen, and Kate Walsh. Her songs sound pure, as though they took every honest emotion you’ve ever felt and made them into music.

Her music makes me conflicted because I’m sad but also happy whenever I listen to her. Her song “Inevitable” feels like therapy, you go in in denial and next thing you know the tears are running down your face because you realize that sadness you’re keeping inside isn’t as unavoidable as you thought but a little part of you is happy that you’re finally establishing it’s there.

All of Gartland’s music isn’t sad. She goes in between an alternative/indie genre to a more upbeat indie rock. I like her music because it’s versatile, I can listen to it in the middle of the night during sad boy hours or while I happily get ready in the morning, preparing the day ahead of me. 

Role Model

Tucker Pillsbury also known as Role Model is relatable. His songs are catchy and explain what most young adults, especially young men, go through. The 21-year-old sings about life problems that most of us will go through in our 20s and late teens.

He sings about how hard it is to find relationships these days, crying in the shower, how boys are told not to cry, about being lonely and more. His songs are mostly just about being young and living life through the ups and downs. 

His music can have a very happy or comforting vibe about it but when you actually listen to the lyrics, it’s seen how sad his songs can really be. His song, “Hello!” has an airy, loving atmosphere about it but when he sings the main chorus, “We should be dancing in the sun. It’s hard when everything is numb, I’d like to try and feel okay. So if I call what would you say?” that loving feeling kind of loses its influence .The song itself might not seem that emotional but when you really listen to what he’s singing you know that the song is about wanting someone who might not want to be there for you anymore.

I like Role Model’s music because it has meaningful and isn’t catchy airwave pop, it’s music worth listening to.


Amaal is a breath of fresh air, I know in my heart if Mother Nature was a person it would be Amaal. I’m gonna lie, what drew me to watch her YouTube video was her visuals, but I stayed for the music. I would put Amaal in the contemporary R&B genre but could see her music being supported enough to become mainstream, such as Khalid or PARTYNEXTDOOR.

Most of her music is arrangements of soft beats that make her voice sound even more angelic than it already is. But she does have some songs that are more upbeat, dance music. It was 3 a.m. when I first listened to her, I was in my feelings and Amaal songs somehow captured exactly how I felt.

In her song “Later”, the balance between her voice that sounds soulful yet sad and the upbeat background is what I need. In the song she sings “If I love you now, will you love me later, If I wait it out, you’ll love me, right?” This song aloud me to be happy reminiscing about my love life now but also made me sad to think about the future of my relationship. Amaal doesn’t just make music, she makes her listeners feel what she’s singing about and that’s why I love her as an artist.

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