Black and white image of The Aces standing across the horizon line of the image. One of the girls is holding a lighter in full flame in front of the camera and the word “Daydream” is spelled out in the center.

Start of a New Era: The Aces’ new single, “Daydream”

By Tania Zapien
Music Journalist

After months of teasing, female alt-pop band, The Aces, finally released their first single from their upcoming album on March 4. Immediately catchy and perfectly written to be blasted on your spring break road trip, “Daydream” is two minutes and 30 seconds of pure lovesick-pop goodness. Although you are guaranteed to dance your way through this song, “Daydream” was inspired by the sadness the GI experienced being far away from their loved ones while on tour. Incredibly rhythmic as it is well written, this tune is catchy and will have you singing along in no time.

The Aces, who haven’t released new music since their debut album When My Love Felt Volcanic in April 2018, have been teasing their fans with tweets about being in the studio for the last year. At one point last fall, the girls even revealed on Twitter that album three was already in the works, which then left thousands of fans commenting, “But where is album two?!?” Lightheartedly, the gals tweeted to hang in there, promising that the teasing would be worth it because every song in album two is their favorite.

Three tweets from The Aces are shown, each giving a new update about their upcoming album.
The Aces have kept fans up to date with the status of their new album through Twitter. Screenshot by Tania Zapien

With the release of “Daydream,” which promised the start of a new era for The Aces, the group will be hosting listening parties around the country leading up to the release. These parties would allow fans to hang out with The Aces and listen to the album in full before it is released to the public. The host cities will be selected through a combination of  voting, (which can be done on their website) and the cities with the most streams of the new single.

Although there is still no set date for the release of album two, The Aces are hard at work with photo shoots, selecting album artwork, and keeping their fans updated. Feel intrigued? Make sure you give them a follow on Twitter and Instagram and stream “Daydream” now!

Featured Image By Red Bull Records

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