Why Every Netflix Original Movie is Mediocre

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By Paige Greene
Web Content Contributor

I recently watched the sequel to the Netflix original movie The Kissing Booth. The Kissing Booth 2 scored a 28% on Rotten Tomatoes and is excessively average. Receiving nothing but negative reviews, it pained me to finish the cringe-worthy romance movie. This is not the only Netflix original to disappoint me. 

When We First Met, How It Ends, and Irreplaceable You are just some of the Netflix originals that received below average scores on Rotten Tomatoes, and I would not watch again. Every company or service is sure to make bad movies, but Netflix seems to make an abundance of average movies resulting in many bad ones. 

Unlike cinema movies, Netflix has to accommodate movies for the entire household. This means half of their original movies are kid-friendly and honestly, boring. For every award-winning movie that gets churned out, there are three to four below-par movies. 

They seem to be more enjoyable while distracted and not paying attention, and it is obvious Netflix does not make movies for the Academy Awards. They know you are in a distraction-filled environment and not confined to the darkened room in a theater where nothing else would catch your eye. This means the movies are very easy to follow and have no depth to the plot. 

Unlike Netflix original movies, the original TV shows are definitely worth watching. Netflix has mastered the binge-worthy TV genre and puts most of their advertising into these shows. Why don’t they put that energy into the movies?

The answer is simple: Netflix knows that everyone would much rather binge-watch a whole series for an entire day then watch four 90-minute movies. 

Netflix is not getting paid from your individual viewing of The Kissing Booth. Instead, they make money based on your subscription and base the success of their content on the watch time. So as long as there is enough average content for someone to sift through, Netflix gets paid.

Original content on Netflix does not need a lot of viewers to be successful. Jim Huss explains in the video above that since Netflix has about 118 million subscribers, the cheap movies are easy to gain a profit on. 

He continues to explain that a lot of people watching a cheap movie can make just as money as a large number of people watching an expensive movie. So of course, Netflix would rather make cheap and mediocre movies. 

Though these movies may be anywhere from average to bad, there is nothing wrong with binge-watching all of the original movies. Something about the cheesy romance comedies or basic coming-of-age movies draws everyone’s attention.

Ever want to watch any of these bad movies? Insider provides a list of the 51 worst Netflix originals according to critics.

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  1. Anonymous on October 1, 2023

    Their movies are bad for the same reason Hollywood movies are not cinema anymore. It’s the “paradigm “ by Syd Field.

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